Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Notice my Lilypie.com Baby days counters widget. Its Lukie's Birthday!

I have to start convincing myself that 7 years had passed since the doctor placed Lukie on my belly just after he cut my son's umbilical cord. January 21 2002, our baby was snugly wrapped with a green cloth and his face and head were still covered with blood and thick yellowish matters (vernix caseosa). I remember as I held him, he literally gave me warmth when my senses forgot about labor pains and was diverted now on how cold the delivery room was. Squirming, stretching and making baby sounds, I held our son tight.

Boogie was comforting me with his pats and stroking my hair as I lay there crying and sobbing and I don't care if I sounded like a cow. It was the sweetest cry I ever had. I finally met our son and the ordeal of giving birth was almost over. Seeing and holding him made me forget the "agony" of going through every excruciating pain of my 4 hours labor.

I told my husband, "karuprupa ni Pa!"(he looks like Pa)(my father in-law). Then the nurse took our son for his APGAR Scoring and bath. Boogie went back on holding my hand like he did when we were birthing. The obstetrician worked on taking out the placenta and I started to shiver when they were "already stitching me up". The additional blankets the nurse gave did a little help.

Adrenalin kept me fully awake for almost 5 hours after giving birth. The painless needle and the thread being pulled to repair my episiotomy were one of the worst for me. It doesn't hurt but I could feel my skin being dragged by the thread.

In the observation room where I have to stay for 3 hours before I will be brought into my room, they "loaded" my bed with hot water bags. Then I wasn't shivering anymore when the pediatrician brought Lukie for his first breast feeding.

Remembering all these will always lead us back to the five years of waiting before Lukie was finally conceived. Those years were painful thinking no children will bond our love more. Our OB-Gyne in Philippines, Dra. Solang, started us with fertility work out, sperm count, lab tests etc and it would always disappoint us when I get my monthly period.

Our "wanting" to have a baby was put on test when we decided to come here in Italy after working two years to a family in Malta. We came here as tourist and 25 days lapsed, we became illegal immigrants. We don't speak nor understand Italian and worst, we're jobless.

The very second day of our stay here, pregnancy test kits in this country proved us that it works "positive" than any other parts of the globe. We are pregnant! Lukie wanted to be made in Malta and preferred to be born in Italy.



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