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Its not mine, I got the image above from amckerns site when I was googling images for "blog hiatus". I have to start this entry linking him or he will hunt me for posting this image with out his permission.

A friend emailed and asked if I lost the password of my blog. "Hey, update your site before I will stop peepin', girl!" she wrote.

Quite a childish reason why I stopped writing. I've been reading back some of my post and OhheeMGeee(oh my gosh), my grammar is so bad, it made me retreat into our duvet. Same words are being used every post and I'm afraid, I lack substance. With all these, "Hide me please!" my mind beckoned the remaining shame in me.

My blogs name added why I don't want to log-in. Its good the blog description: "trying hard try outs...try again" was there or I will really change the name of this site.

My friend read my reply and she wrote back, "Girl, are you on drugs or is it PMS?"... How I laughed while I told her neither of the two.



Hee hee. Hi, Lovelyn. We all get that moment of insecurity, but I'm glad you have someone pushing you to keep writing---and you should! Writing is more than getting the mechanics of the English grammar right, as you know; and blogging, especially, is all about reaping the personal rewards of writing and getting your stories and thoughts "out there." Stay aware of your grammar weaknesses and continue to work on them---make the language work for you---but, more importantly, don't let them stop you from doing what you're good at. :)

As an aside, it's your blog that got me thinking about starting my own. :D


Ciao Hannah,

Thanks girl(infectious this "girl-girl" thing hehehe)! That's very kind of you to say. I need it for the moment.

Your comment had put a word to it, its insecurity, true. I haven't thought of it. I almost agreed on PMS hehehe...

Seriously, you're right. Writing is more than technicalities. Its the expression of your present thought that counts. I hope to "shove it in" my silly mind what you've said about working on my grammar instead of stopping me on what I love to do...

Girl, you're really good! All what you've said escaped my reasoning. Grazie again!

firefly in july

Hey Girl! (nahawa na) You should read my blog, its worse. Sometimes I just stop myself from reading my older posts to keep myself from hiding under a rock. My limited vocabulary is precisely the reason why I recently created a Taglish blog. heheh.

You're a good writer. I enjoy your stories. And you site is one of my favorites out there so I hope a small slip every now and then will not keep you from blogging.


Ciao Izma,

Oh stuff'it(stop it)hehehe, nakaka-insecure nga if I read your blog e. Hannah will agree with me that you're a good writer(just like her).

You gave me an idea, I should start using taglish more often rather than making "mukmok" for an unsatisfactory post.

Thanks for the push girl!


I agree with Lovelyn. You're quite a writer, Iz. I enjoy your writing.

I'm quite insecure about my blog, too, honestly. (Do you see me posting everyday? No. :D) I feel very secure about reading other people's blogs and admiring the really cool ones, though. That keeps me balanced. That works, right? :D

Ah well, practice makes perfect garud. Ipapati adi, inya? One thing I do remind myself, though, is that I'm not those "cool" bloggers out there. My experiences and perceptions of the world are not theirs; so it follows that we talk about different subjects and express ourselves differently. BUT it doesn't hurt to emulate and take ownership of what we create/write.

I tell you, what I badly need is a muse. lol

Tina of MyGoodFinds

Just keep writing Lovelyn. I am not aware of your wrong grammar, have not really paid attention because I am more interested of the content than the semantics. We all make mistakes but if we get too conscious of our grammar, we won't be able to publish anything.


Ciao Hannah,

Wen ngarud ah, ipapati adi! "Ipapati Adi", that would be a nice name for a blog hehehe...

Muse? Hmmnnn, lets run an ad in our blogs, sort of 'pakulo' for "Hannah's Muse". Sounds exciting. Might do when I'll be out of things to write hahaha!

Ciao Tina,

You're right, I'm an example to it. I got conscious on my grammar so its stopping me to write now.

Thanks, that's very uplifting to hear, "the article's content over semantics"....

Jane 101

Ah these girls... :)
What am I to say about my blog and its present state??? It's in hibernation for like a year now...And the grammar thing, maybe sometimes we just have to forget it. I had my own times when hubby tells me there's something wrong with my how I write an entry and when I go back reading it, awww!
I'm thinking of putting it to an end and maybe just start with a "new page" when I am into blogging again. But then it's my baby...

Keep blogging Lovelyn - you have your loyal readers around.


Aaawwwww Jane! How are you? So touched this entry got you to comment. We miss you girl! Come back please.

You too have your own loyal readers, we're here!


include me sis,i'm not a blogger like all of you are but i do come here and read all your blogs.I'm still regular,to you,Hannah ,Dhang and Jane,,,keep blogging coz i'm always here,hehehe.good to all of you coz you can write a long blog not like me,,just a comment it will take me an hour.Sometimes i even ask my hubby if my spelling is right,,,and answers me back,"E ILOKANO MON GAMIN!!"


Ciao Sister,

Hahaha, that was funny! Kayam met a a mansurat ngem kurang ka bangat babgat ni confidence. Agmo ngamen rugaen ni agko kaya but say panadasek and as what HAnnah said, "Ipapati adi gamin".

Thanks for the comment and see you around.


@Jane/Page 101: Good to hear from you again, Jane. :) We know you're around, but we do miss you. I echo Lovelyn's please: Please come back!


@Lovelyn: Although I didn't understand most of the words, I got the gist of your answer to Matsay. I have to say it was very refreshing to read a dialect from home. :)


P.S. I think my muse is sulking in a dark cave right now. Hahah. I'll try to coax her out and be friends with her again. :D


@Matsay: LOL That was funny. You and your husband are so cute together.

Agsurat ka latta, baket. We're not in school anymore. We don't go around checking each other's work. :D

In all seriousness, we do love to read/hear what you have to say. So for selfish reasons, let us coax you into writing more often, okay? :D


Just a personal note for you, Lovelyn:
This is what happens when I get in the mood to comment. I flood your blog like it's nobody's business. :D

Really great post. Am lovin' it.



aruy, my blog must be packed with wrong grammar too, but who cares? keep on writing girl (ngek, nahawa na din!).. hmmm, im on semi-hiatus too.. busy mommy life at the moment.


Its okey Hannah, hope to always get that kind of mood hehehe...

Keep luring that muse before I get crazy and run that ad :-)..

Sus, I'm enjoying the comment page instead of writing an entry(lol).

Ciao French Mom!

Definitely wrong on that. Your entries are "clean" of ill grammar. Sometimes I'm wondering if you got a professional editor (french maestro english editor hehehe)...

I know you're busy, cool working mom. I remember the award you've had before, something like "ass kicking job" award. Well, you really do have one, keep doing it. Its an inspiration to all of us moms that a mama can also successfully run a career and a home. Also to all Pinoys, not all can excel among snobby Frenchies.


When I look back at the things have written I say "Did write this?" But then again, those were my feelings before and no matter how trivial and funny these posts now, at least I was able to write about my feelings and thoughts.

Yaan na lang kung me maling grammar gawa ng bugso ng damdamin :D


Ciao Teacher Julie,

"Bugso ng damdamin" is cute!hehehe... come to think of it, you'll have an excuse for writing it wrong (the grammar, I mean). Bugso ng damdamin kasi!

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