Tuesday, 6 January 2009



Posting my favorite shots from the recently concluded LA BEFANA 2009.

Anido - Kalanguya term for "keeping one's self warm by the fire".




If there's anything I really miss the most about Baguio and other places in the hinterlands is the an-anido gathering. The singing and drinking and what-have-you - it's all about camaraderie.

Nice pics as usual. Cheers and Happy New Year to the clan.

firefly in july

In Ilocano, it's "Inudo". Magkatunog.

Hmmmm... burning witches? Pwede ang live? wihihihi.

At first glance, I thought how ironic to end the holidays celebrating witches. Yun pala it symbolizes something else. Very nice and interesting tradition.


Ciao TruBlue,

You call it an-anido too. Yeah, its all about camaraderie regardless of smelling like smoke after. One summer, some of our visitors did it here and our Italian neighbor douched our bonfire mood. We had to put the fire off. We can do it now cause its winter and no neighbors but its too cold to stay outside.

Ciao Izma,

Magkatunog nga!

They celebrate Befana than Halooween - More of their own best time to give treats.

We live nearby many farms and most farm owners burn their own Befana's. Kaya amoy usok talaga dito basta Jan 5(night). Its because of their old belief that they have to burn bad luck for the good vibes or good luck to come.

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