Tuesday, 6 January 2009


School will start tomorrow for the kids after their 2 weeks Christmas vacation. And today, La Festa Della Befana marks the end of our 'festa' (festive) mood. I had a post here: LA BEFANA 2008 and last night we had our La Befana 2009. Read the link for the origin of this Italian tradition.

It wasn't the same as last year that every 'comune' had their own Befana to burn. It used to be sort of a parade who has the best, tallest and biggest witch. Just shows that even the 'strega'(witch) is affected with the ongoing "global economic crisis".

Our community didn't have one (Befana burning) so we went to my sister Noeda's neighborhood, Ca' Ballarin. You will see here: LA BEFANA 2008, that last year Ca'Ballarin had the best 'strega'. But last night, we were only seeing a big fire and people were asking for the witch. The effigy was so tiny you wouldn't notice it was even up there.

Regardless, Lukie had fun waiting for his "socky" to be handed by the Befana after the burning ceremony. The organizers hired some singers and put up stalls for free chocolate drink, hot wine and Panettone. Dylan stayed home with Boogs because he would be scared of the fireworks anyway. Good thing he did because he had a fever later that night.

This morning my kids had sweets from the strega and not coal. I'm thinking, since almost everybody is home today because La Befana is a non-working holiday. Everyone is probably nibbling chocolates, young and old hehehe. Well, its good for this cold weather and not everyday that the strega is this generous... so, cheers to chocolates and La Befana.


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