Tuesday, 30 December 2008

TREADMILL (Christmas Story 3)

She was trying to "help" his husband think on what to get her for Christmas here: GANDA'S TAG FROM WILL. It was in "desperation" why she had to write what she wanted because many times she caught him browsing the net(eBay)for a laptop. She was confident his better half would want her organize her writings and he would be willing to give her - her own personal computer. So, the "treadmill" was her way of disapproving subtly with out declaring war(lol). "Heck, we don't need another computer!" her mind spoke.

They have a store room underground and the wife asked the husband for the keys that weren't on it's usual place. He beseeched what his wife needed from the room and volunteered to get it for her. Huh? Strange! Volunteered? Strange! Then the third time she needed something from downstairs, he gave her the keys. "Oh mheeen, where's the love?...hahaha... where's the enthusiast of getting things for me?", again, the wife's mind spoke.

Worst than a child, he seriously "demanded" to open his present when its more than a week before Christmas. "Why?", the wife asked and he replied, "Nakita mon ti gift ko(you already saw my gift)!".... Huh?... "When? Why? Where?" she asked in protest.

"Makikita dita matam!"(it shows in your eyes), the husband "accused her" with out the benefit nor reasonable to what ever doubt there is(hahaha). And she swore, she's not guilty and firmly stood her stand, "I haven't seen what ever that is!".

There goes the surprise, he gave it away hahaha... The wife thought, if its a treadmill, it would be too bulky in the storeroom and she would have surely seen it. If its a laptop, the store room would be a dangerous keeping place for such an expensive thing because its damp and full of junk. "Hmmmnnn, we put all the bikes down there during winter and only me who doesn't have a bike. Ahah, SO ITS A BIKE!", she guessed. But, the husband said no and the wife never went in the store room to "investigate"(lol).

Christmas Eve. Everyone opened their gifts except the wife. The husband said she'll have to wait for Christmas morning. "DARE!" the wife answered. "... And you will never get "lucky" in a million years!", she annoyingly added. Bribing never fails to work, the husband stormed the cold and went to get her wife's gift.

When the kids went to sleep and the couple were sipping their wine, the wife wore her new jewelries from Fossil and her "other" presents. The bike was still next to the Christmas tree while they were talking:

SHE: I thought its a treadmill.

HE: It would be too big for our small house and the kids will ruin it knowing how they're fond of pressing "buttons".

SHE: Yeah and I prefer the bike. I can just imagine our rides and picnics on summer..... I thought its a laptop.

HE: Dream on honey!

Then they kissed the dawn away...


firefly in july

Hehehehe... makikita dita matam! Lol! that got me laughing, and then demanding that he open his gifts ahead of christmas.

That was a sweet story :-)


Ciao Izma,


Ay apo, still wondering what he saw in my eyes hahaha... he got into my nerves one time and told him he is worst than a kid and quit bugging me. Still I let him open one gift and firmly warned him not open the rest till Christmas.

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