Saturday, 27 December 2008

LUKIE'S GIFT(Christmas Story 2)

Christmas morning. Lukie wasn't as enthusiastic as he did during our gift opening on Christmas eve. I haven't seen "this look"(picture below) he had last night.

Flash back.......just after Halloween, Lukie asked me to prepare for Christmas. He told me that Santa might be very busy and can't see our home if we don't decorate early. He came from school the next day and had his request granted. From then on every grace before meals he adds, "....... for the love of Christmas........ the house is ready....... Santa is coming".

Then my son made his Christmas list and also did his brother's. Its all up for Santa now to decide if Lukie had been "naughty or nice".

Back to Christmas morning.....I was puzzled why my son's excitement wasn't showing at all, so I asked:

MAMA: "Lukie, why aren't you excited with your gifts? Open it honey!" ......

LUKIE: (looked at me seriously and said in Italian) "Mama, I know what's inside it. I wrote the list, remember?".



I think your blog is really interesting ... especially this post :)


Hi Ma'am Lovelyn (twas easy to add the Ma'am -- hahaha!),

Happy Holidays to your beautiful family. I love the photo of all of you together!!!

Well, Lukie was right -- he did write the list. It's usually the anticipation and preparation that's most exciting. And when we do finally get what we asked for, the energy level wanes.

Christmas is for the children. Enjoy them while they still believe in Santa. :)

Tina of MyGoodFinds

Hello Lovelyn!

Oh my, Lukie is so funny :) . I love your family Christmas photo all in white. I hope you had a wonder ful Christmas and have a Happy and Healthy 2009.

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