Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Before 2008 will finally go to the "archives", I'll sweep my "utang" away. Have to answer 3 questions from Teacher Julie's GreenBucks.

WQ 29:
Are you happy?

Some people travel and go far places just to search for happiness. Take Liz the author of Eat, Pray, Love, she went as far as Italy, India and Indonesia. And one, among the many things she wrote that I totally agree with, she said that happiness is a "state of mind" that you yourself make. I'm just very thankful I don't need to "cross over" just to be happy.

Monotonous and equally obvious as it may seem, I will always write that my family (Boogs, Lukie, Dylan, my Dad, my brothers and sisters, my nephews and nieces, my father in law, Mama Becca and Beng) would be enough to give me that "state of feeling", needless of making it as a "state of mind". So YES, I am happy!

WQ 30:
What are the Christmas traditions you and your family practice?

Nothing big but recently, we're making it official, a traditional photo shoot for that "frame-able" family portrait on Christmas eve. (How vain and lame hahaha...) Another is ordering pizza and fries for Noche Buena (that would already be a GIFT for a cooking mama).

Last one would be - just the four of us on Christmas eve. Its the second year we've done this and the kids enjoyed our full attention. Its the second year we didn't go to some invites or us inviting people. Its more intimate and relaxing. We could get to dance with Lukie and Dylan with their favorite CD - the Chipmunks.

WQ 31:
How was your Christmas?

It was fun and full of surprises. WQ Question 30 is all about it for the Christmas eve aside from opening our gifts from family, cousins and friends. Then on Christmas morning, the kids opened their presents form Santa. And later, my sister's family and some neighbors came for lunch.

I have to include, Lukie enjoyed when we played Lucky 9 and Monkey-monkey after all our guests went home. Another great way to teach him Math hehehe...



happy new year!


kasta met kenka ading russel!


We do this too, have our photo taken but not really ala-postcard although we can try hard next time to do that, and earlier too s we can send to relatives before Christmas :)

Just being home with the five of us ia fun too, no really boring but we enjoy each other's company (kahit me nag-aaway na mga kids at times) :)

Thanks, Lovelyn and here is wishing you and yours the nest for 2009 :)

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