Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Lukie gave us his Christmas present. Its not wrapped, its huge but not tangible and I think, its the best gift a parent would ever ask for.

Yesterday was our son's 'Colloqui Individuali'. Its a one on one talk with the teacher(s) and they will evaluate your child's performance at school. Though I've been having this twice a year since Lukie entered day care, this year is different because he is in Grade I. Unlike in the Philippines where Kinder pupils could already read "ba-be-bi-bo-bu", Italy starts their formal education only at first grade. 'Scoula Materna' or the 3 years prior to elementary is purely "play school".

I had my 30 minutes turn with Lukie's Teacher Orietta(class adviser) and Cintia, pretty and young Math teacher. I haven't sat yet, they already congratulated me for having an "eccezionalmente intelligente e ben educato figlio" (exceptionally intelligent and well mannered son). "Hurayy!"(my mind shouted in glee).

Teacher Orietta continued to "lift my chair" saying they could see I'm giving 'tanti tempo'(much or more time) in teaching my son and they asked me how am I doing it. Then I corrected her, "Noooo, that's not true!... (I'll elaborate this further on my next post).

Always with the word 'bravissimo' (excellent), she told me Lukie works so precise with everything, writes legibly and neatly and thinks first before he does what is instructed to him or to the class. She gestured how my son puts his index finger on his temple before he would say, "ahhh yes, okey!".

In Italian, I like what teacher Orietta said about Lukie having a "wider range of thinking and intelligence" than any of the other kids in his class.

Lukie's class adviser also assumed we let Lukie use the computer liberally and I said, "Yes! Plus, he plays video games". (more on this on my next post)

I was waiting for the bomb to drop and it ain't coming so I asked the teacher if my son is always serious. A loud "NOT AT ALL!" from Cintia, the Math teacher as she shares that my son smiles most of the time, laughs easily and plays and gets along with everyone. "Another huraay!"(from my mind in glee).

That's an improvement if not an achievement for Lukie because it had been the negative comment from her teachers in 'Scoula Materna' along with how much he eats during lunch. These teachers just told me that my son is eating well. If he doesn't, then he eats big pieces of bread to compensate his less intake.

Still not quitting, I asked if my son is being too perfectionist. This is true because every deatail of his school works or assignments, he does and copies it perfectly, specially if asked to copy a drawing or a picture. Another relieving words from Maestra orietta in Italian, "At this moment its the best thing for Lukie to do or be, only during adult life that "perfectionism" is an issue for argument". Hmmnn?

"Sperriamo che Lukie e sempre cosi!"(We hope Lukie stays the same), My son's teachers wished him well.

Teacher pretty Cintia made 'pahabol' too, "Ooohh, anche bravo in canestro sai!" (He is also 'bravo' in playing basketball).

"Aysus, talaga nga Pilipino ti anak ta mo!" I told my husband and we LAUGHED OUT LOUD with pride for what was all said for the the day.



OH WOW!!! Bravissimo to Lukie. And to you, for obviously doing an exceptional job in raising your son as one admirable kid.

Before I forget, Merry Christmas! I'll not wish for a joyful celebration for your family because I know you'll be having one heck of a holiday. God Bless!


Ciao Izma,

Thanks and Happy Holidays to you too and Wilson and your lovey dudes!

Nope, it has nothing to do with me hehehe... May way of mothering is not all close to "ideal" when raising children is concern. I'm just thankful they're born with good genes, if not, they would "denounce" their mom... seriously(lol).


dear lovelyn - maligayang pasko!

iba talaga magpalaki ang nanay na pinay, hehehe


Parenting is always a key element in each child's progress. So, it's only fitting you're recognized for it. And of course, to our kids who adhere to our small way of teachings - the good doctrine. Heck, if my kids turned out otherwise, everyone will be pointing their fingers at me.

Cheers and goodhealth to your loved ones and season's greetings.


Ciao Raq,

Boun Natale rin sa 'yo Kengs. Anu fi, layong malayo naman tayong Pinoy a.

Ciao TruBlue,

Merry Christmas to you too and your family. Hugs and kisses to Little TB3 from Lukie and Dylan.

Wen nga agpaysu enya, maybe I'll start getting used to accepting the credits... but, my husband would still insist its from his genes... Sus, its time to claim my share hehehe...


Wow, Lukie, you make your parents proud! Ako din, am very happy to read your mom's post, I was smiling as was reading the comments your teachers made!

I hope you continue to excel in what you are doing!

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