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Teacher Julie of GreenBucks started to gave us the mood of Christmas 2 weeks ago with her 28th question. Means I'm 2 weeks behind and blame that on the "fast days" that speedily passes by. Like its Monday - you ate and slept then you woke up and its Sunday. Whatever... Now back to the weekly question:

What special Christmas memories do you still cherish as the years pass by?

Every single Christmas for me is special. To be surrounded with the warmth of my family alone is enough for me to cherish, what ever day it is. I'm always thankful that at this point of my life, I have Boogie, Lukie and Dylan to spend this season of joy. And of course, to join me in celebrating Big J's birthday - No matter how simple it is and even chaotic at times when my kids are sick.

Below are some of my earlier memories of Christmas that might have made me fondle Christmas like a child. A child at heart who wants to pass it to her little boys - the wonders of believing in something magical and extra ordinary.

1. When I get home from school and my Mama had hung all the Christmas decors. I'm simply happy and relieved that this day of the year "finally came".

2. We go carolling and I remember when I was around 7 years old, the older kids would put me and my sister up front. Some houses would ignore and would not "PAY" hahaha. But because me and my sister are among the carollers, these houses were kind to give us an amount. "Wey, anak nun Danny"(Its Danny's(my dad) kids)", Uncle Polon once said who came out from his house to knock his sisters door. His sister didn't want to open up and we were running out of Christmas songs. Then we were "paid" 6 pesos after she had known it was us hahaha...

3. When we were kids, the whole clan (my father's siblings and their children) goes to ASIN (swimming pool or hot springs known in Baguio) and overnight at the beach on New Year's eve or Christmas at the beach and Asin on New Years Day.

4. Midnight Mass in Acop Tublay when I was younger. Then in our place in Ambassador when I was already in college. We used to organize the reenactment of Jesus Christ's birth before the mass. Me and my sisters sing for the choir and I play the guitar.

5. My Mama and Dad cooking for our Noche Buena.

6. 24th of December is probably the only night of the year we could stay up late.

7. Bonfires at home when we don't go out of town.

8. Once, my Dad held a Christmas party in his farm in Babatan. This place has no electricity and all the people there are simple farmers. We had 'bin-nunot'(I don't know how to translate it hehehe) or exchange gifts with everyone. I remember, the one who got my name gave me a hen. I was disappointed cause I gave a T-shirt in exchange for a chicken.

That hen lived and gave us so many eggs and native chickens for 'pinikpikan'. Looking back at it now, no gift could be better than that.

9. Then the T-shirt I gave with a print, "World's greatest lover!", to Uncle Dimas (everyone is an uncle in my hometown, even if you're not related), he wears it in every occasion I have seen him. From Canaos to school closing programs, campaigns during election time and even 'barangay' meetings he attends to. I gave that T-shirt when I was still in elementary. And last 2004, when I went home to the Philippines with Lukie, I saw him wearing it at my sister's wedding.

How about that to remind you of what you gave for Christmas? He wears it not for the proclamation of him being "The world's greatest lover" but because its the only t-shirt he has and could wear for any "special day".

10 ...and many-many more



These are lovely memories.

Natawa naman ako sa chicken, hihihi..At least proceeds from that would have earned you some money to buy another shirt :D

And the shirt! ohmygas!

Thanks Lovelyn, I hope everything is fine on your end. Am off to read your review of the book in your other post.



Thanks Teacher Julie,

It felt good reminiscing the old times.

Was able to catch the 'mwah'. Mwah to you too!

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