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I know, the world had watched it already and I only did last night. Be warned that I will be mushy today. "Senti+mental mood", sometimes(if not all the time), is refreshing. It makes us vulnerable and its okey if the world will know we are capable of it. Reminds us we're human. (A long time, recycable, 'gas-gas' line for those who really know me hehehe... It comes handy all the time when I'm justifying my exagerated sensitivity and my being extremely

Oh well, this PS I Love You movie my husband dowloaded for us to watch and he slept in the middle of it while I was there crying my heart out. Its not because he was bored, he worked night shift the other night and he didn't sleep the next day. So yeah, he was tired. Knowing my husband, a gooey Boogie man who shares my love of movies, from cartoons to love stories, sci-fi, thriller etc, he would be joining me as he hides his tears and would tease me for being such a cry baby.

I'm not getting any where and I'm on my third paragraph ei?... The movie was based on
Cecelia Ahern's novel, PS I Love You. Hilary Swank played the widow whom her husband, Gerard Butler, left 10 letters to help her over come grief. His dead husband ends his letter with the film's title.

While it was playing I thought of the stories other couples have. So with those who were once a couple. How they met, their dating days to finally getting married and also those relationships that sadly failed. I believe that rekindling the past would always remind us why are we IN this "coupleship" specially at times when we want to throw a shoe to our better half.

When me and my husband were still dating, we used to write letters to each other and hand it everytime we meet. Something my siblings thought as something silly because we talk hours on the phone, we see each other almost everyday, yet we still write letters.

Yesterday as we were singing with the Magic Mic, I found my old "break-up" letter and it made me cringe reading what I wrote. Then my husband took it and read it loud using the Magic Mic. My golliee geee... it was soooo funny and it made us laugh! You know that unending laugh where you can't catch your breath and your eyes are already in tears? That's how worst it is. But almost 12 years ago, those weren't funny at all, it was once a "heavy dramatic episode" to our tele novela hahaha...

To cut me off before I punch million words and bore you further, go watch the movie and if you already did, go watch it again. Its something to remind us of the people we are lucky to have!

P.S.(lol) I didn't like Hilary Swank for Holly. I still see her the "tomboyish and the boxer" but she played her role excellently. Hello earth! She had 2 Oscars ano...



Hmmm...never seen that movie yet. Hilary Swank does look like a dyke and at times I thought she is Julia Roberts' daughter with Lyle, hehe...good actress though.

Scares me to death thinking one of my ex's kept some of my letters and reading it right now...she's probably having a great laugh, hah!
Just worried about "sentence constructions", hehe...grammatical
errors, perhaps??


firefly in july

My husband and I didn't exchange love letters... corny daw (sabi nya, hmp). Lucky you to have those to chronicle the wonderful story of discovering your life with each other.


your mushier than mash potatoes. anyhoo hillary swank played a tomboy in some movie awhile back. She won awards for it. maybe not

why the heck is my thing showing up as forest hills. Im 10 minutes away from that place lol


Ciao TruBlue,

Hehehe... she or they? I mean, she/they having a good laugh hehehe...Good thing I've got nothing to worry, I've never written love letter to anyone except the one I married.

Nahh, I'm sure you're on the safe side when it comes to sentence construction, let alone the grammar.... got me conscious ketdi with mine hahaha....

Ciao Izma,

Sus naman si lakay. Its ok, kanya-kanyang like yan. He has his ways in showing his romantic side din naman di ba?

I still have all of his letters. Mine naman, we're in Malta when my husband's family moved house so probably my letters got lost somewhere.

One thing I like about letters, the attention is understanding what is being written. He can't say his but's, if's and won't cut you off from talking(thru the letter, I mean). Kumbaga he is listening no matter how wrong you are or you're blabbering with no sense at all.

Ciao Russel,

Yep! I'm every woman, its all in me hehehe.... that's a song btw... I have to or else I won't be lovelyn any more(lol).

Yeah she got her first Oscar with that film(forgot the title). The second was when she played a lady boxer(ain't sure of the title too).

I don't know, ours too, instead of Venice, its showing other parts an hour away from our exact place. Oh well, two of you come from that place.


oh, we still exchange love letters, kahit na sa emails lang though i always get notes and text messages, too.

did you read the ps i love you book from sweet dreams? hehe, dun naiyak din ako


Ciao Raq,

That's sweet! Lucky you, a husband who bakes and does most of the cooking, he still writes you and sends sweet messages... Girl, those "species" are rare!


Hi 'te! (Belated) Happy New year po!

Haven't seen the movie yet pero from your description I would love the movie...hopeless romantic din kc ako e.whee=))...maybe i will look for the book and read it too.hehe...

loveletters?..would love receiving one...mas lalo na pag me kasamang kanta..that would be soooo lovely (ain't it?hehe..wheew..)

I've seen that movie (big screen) where Hillary played a boxer, I was so booored in the middle of the movie...hehe...million dollar baby title...pero tinapos ko sayang naman binayaran ko.hehe. I like her dun sa isa where she played the role of a catalystic teacher...all for now..dami ko na sinabi..hehe



Ciao Djin,

Happy New year to you too! How you've been? Maybe you went home to Tublay during the holidays. Nalammin kano nga pirmi isu?

Hehehe love letters with love songs, romantic is good! What makes it really-really good - it makes us happy and its "alright" to be "true" with what we really-really feel...

I love that true to life story of the teacher too, very inspiring. Encourages writing your own journal. Sus, I'm not really good in remembering titles, I just watched that last month.


Next post please? Hehe...

They!haha...yeah, most were from Benguet and MP. The one from Dalicno broke my heart - and she was a knockout too, woo hoo hoo...

Since you have no post, here's something I noticed today. TP and I decided to sit down at In and Out Burger. From where we sat, I saw this "Hearing Aid" store next to a Pizza Resto. I asked her - does someone really go deaf everyday?? She said smartly, "nagadu dita nga tuleng"!
Word of wisdom, hardly not, hehe..

Cheers to you and the family....


Hmmnnn, I agree with TP, agkaiwara da hhahah! Hearing aids won't work for those who are intentionally deaf, I guess....

My sister just got back from Pinas and brought CD's(movies, TV series, their pix and videos of people from back home). The computer suddenly took it's long awaited rest hehehe....

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