Friday, 9 January 2009


Its taking it's toll now, the "Global Economic Crisis" is getting scarier for us here. Some hotels are closing or filing bankruptcy - an easy way out.
Other hotels are also being sold to new investors making employees unsure if they will be re hired by new owners.

Tourism is what makes Venice live. Hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, rtw and shoe stores, art galleries align the left and right side when you walk through the maze of this floating city. Aside from the museum, churches and historical sites of course, these compose the main source of living to almost everyone of us residing here. Italians or foreigners alike.

With the ongoing "crisis", people will not spend. No holidays, no out of town so there will be no tourist flocking in. Americans, which are among the top nationality visiting Venice, sadly they're one of the most affected with this economic slowdown(more of a shutdown).

Many Filipinos are also being laid off with their jobs while its also true that many new Pinoys are still coming in to Italy. Add that other European such as Romanians, Russians etc are flocking in too. The imbalance of jobs against workers is damaging. We Pinoys, who demand higher pay, could not compit so we'll be forced to level with other nationalities in terms of salary.

Being said, we're still getting by, not to worry our love ones reading this. We're OK, its just we're sad for other Pinoys here who're greatly affected. Pray with us though that miracle will work on this "crisis" before it will gnaw at us.
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Crisis is worldwide. Our visit to see my son was kinda bitter-sweet-bitter. He was laid off and on the same day, his gf gave birth to a babygirl (I'll call her TP3, hehe...) and the last bitter part was the baby's hip was dislocated at birth. Doctors assured it is not a big problem but for me, I felt so much sorrow for her. Hope she will come thru it.

Hoping for your family the best of 2009 and wishing you a crisis free year! Cheers!


Likewise, crisis free 2009 to you and the whole fam!

Sorry to hear about your son. Auguri too for the latest addition to the tribe- little TP3. With her young age and young bones, bigger possibilities of healing. I would feel the same too if I were you. Let's just hope and pray she'll be okay

Tina of MyGoodFinds

Hi Lovelyn,

I hope this crisis will be over soon. We have bank robberies left and right here. Houses don't sell as fast as the past years.

The photos are amazingly brilliant. Boogie is getting better and better.


Ciao Tina,

Boogie says thanks!

Our neighbor who just came this week from a holiday in Pinas with all his family was being asked by his boss to resign. Imagine the spending in our country then you come back with out knowing that your job won't be ther anymore. Then there's the car insurance, the mortgage and 3 teenagers going to school. Its getting scarry.

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