Friday, 11 January 2008


June 2007 was the first time I submitted my entry on Blogger. This is my 100th post. Just want to try writing like "enumeration" is needed for my blitheful says. Now, the list goes:

1. I've been waiting for my 100th post to show my FRIENDSHIP AWARD from Teacher Julie. She gave it to me HERE and I'm also passing it to the following - all my "MUST CLICKS"....

2. iBOONDOCK another blog from the boondocks - Bill's new corner. As the prize for all the 'Kailian's' clicking that we once blogged here - HELP BILL!

3. BENCHWARMER(Northern Philippine Times) - The reason why we read SunStar Baguio.

4. Boogie's Blog - I hope he will update soon. My Papa dudes (ever)!

5. My sister Noeds has her own site. She used to be my photographer back in my younger years. When digital camera was far from existence, a full film of my vanity she all took.

6. Page 101 - Jane found out Adobong pork and pusit is yummy. She calls it Adobasit.

7. My Good Finds. Org - Tina is successfully doing PayPerPost.

8. I've met Raggold and Kengkay. They're my neighbors from Germany.

9. I wish I could speak French like Mommy Analyse.

10. The MegaMom was one of the first Mommy I've met at PINOY MOMS NETWORK . She has cute little triplets. That says why her name is MegaMom

11. RUSSEL ARIOLA for your wedding photos or any occasions. Click his site for his contacts and samples of his work.

12. A hearty laugh REYNA ELENA gives me all the time. He makes blogging so much fun.

13. The Human Rights Lady Lawyer SMORGASBORD OF RANDOM THOUGHTS and all her poems, I wish I'll be her even just for one day.

14. Skraekja her documentation of the love between a father and his daughter will teach us what is essential in making a family. One of the smartest writer I know.

15. The Broken Bow and his classy choices of entry. Impressive.

16. Ma'am Lisa of Baguio Insider as she updates us with the upcoming Panagbenga.

17. I'm really proud to be one of the cousins of this good writer at Nem Nem Ko. Miss Buguias we call her.

18. Ivadoy Quezon City is also from my home town Tublay like me.

19. I would love to have her job. Luta writes at
A nomad's thoughts.

20. GANDANG IGOROTA rides horses which I also once love to do. We share the love of books. I like her way of writing and her piece about "CHOICES", made me hug-hug my husband.

21. Me, Myself and I works as a Bible translator. Cool job, I say!

22. The Anito Kid will never kid us. Blogger Award for 2008 again, I see.

23. Geri is Evans mom. What a nice name "Evan" is.

24. I'm done with the links. Huh, that was a lot.

25. My back is hurting me, I need a better chair infront this PC.

26. An article from CNN - WWI 'blogger' captures attention is an inspiration to me. WW1: Experiences of an English Soldier is the grandson's narration of his grandfather's past through the letters his grand dad wrote.

27. I had cut my hair last week and I'm really feelin' it light. Bangs is in, so I'm not out(lol).

28. What a long list and my eyes are dropping.

29. Just punch in what comes up. Randomly, remember?
30. Lukie will have his 6th birthday on the 21st.

31. He wants two cakes. One for school and one for home.

32. I'm making him cupcakes for school with the help of Mr. Day (ready made cupcakes). Thanks to Des' friendster pix for the idea.

33. I'll stop at 50 if I'm not yet done comes 4:00 AM.

34. We have to eliminate our old big goldfish from the aquarium.

35. We replaced it with 4 Angel fishes and 4 fishes (I don't know what they're called) with only their tails are colored orange.

36. The big fish is opt for adoption (lol). Anyone interested?

37. Carnevale will be next month. Lukie and classmatea made their masks at school.

38. This is Dylan's latest photo. Feeling the cold floor for a change.

39. Both my sons are sleeping with out blanket.

40. They both kick it when I cover them.

41. Boogie said we will catch colds sleeping with these kids.

42. And I thought its easy to do this till the 100th.

43. Its raining hard here. It would have been a heavy snow if the temperature is lower.

44. Lukie had been wanting to make a snow man and throw snow balls. Last year, we weren't able to make some because it didn't snow.

45. My eldest is belching high notes now. He could sing like Mama. Thanks to YouTube, Arnel Pineda and Charice Pempengco.

46. He sings with the Magic mic almost everyday and he is not shy anymore.

47. My son said, "Come on, lets sing so we'll be rich!" hahaha.

48. There's a Filipino in Austria who is making it big in musical shows. Go see him at YouTube. Vincent Bueno is the name.

49. Italy is on sale. Clothes are down to 50 percent and less discount. Its early for Saldi(sale) and they blame it on the depreciating economy.

50-100. I thought I can make it till the the hundredth but its 4:30 AM now and I need to get some sleep. Have a nice week end every one and hope to start on my one hundred oneth post soon! Good Morning!



Congrats for your 100th post!You deserved that award(dami mo na utang a).
:Ahh my site,i went to hide there,hehehe.
:And for your "bangs",as you've said;it's in(she really feels it guys,hahaha)
:Thanks for sharing all the interesting links,they are really worth viewing.hope to see your 50-100th post soon.


uy, si reyna elena is a SHE- SHEBANG, ahahaha! will wait for the rest of your 100ss

reyna elena


Psst! Type ko yong mga damit nung Pinoy Moms dyan sa sidebar! Penge!!!!

Baguio Insider

I like them bangs. Yup they're 'in.' You're looking younger!

And maybe if I get some too, folks will stop calling me Ma'm Lisa. Hahaha!

KK aka Tina

Happy 100th post Lovelyn! Thanks for putting me so up high in your list.
Nice hair cut. I don't have much courage to cut my own hair as I might end up like Britney Spears.


Ciao Matsay,

hahaha, feel ba? hide ka dyan, its nice naman a. Importante, its for the kids. Not all parents obssessively "shoot" their kids. Someday our kids will see through our blogs, they've really been loved!

Ciao Raggold,

Hehehe "SHEBANG", my mistake. Ayaw ma edit e!

Thanks for the 100sss hehehe...

Ciao Reyna!

Dami si Kengkay nyan for sure. Ako rin type ko. Penge me too Kengs! LOL.

Ciao "Lisa",

Unahan ko na before you get the bangs hehehe...

Thanks for the young thing, the more my sister will say feel ko my hair hahahaa.


lovelyn, way to go dearie! i couldn't help but itemize my comments :) i hope you don't mind, lol.
#6 - thanks for the plug again. i start to like the sound of the dish, lol.
#26 - saw it on the news. it looks like many readers are always looking forward to new posts.
#27 - nice fix on your hair, like it how you said "I'm not out!" lol
#35 and #37 - i bet you started to get sleepy already. some typos my dear...(sorry, i sound like a critic, ala lang kasi akong gawa, lol)
#39 - my daughter too hates blanket and she perspires a lot even during cold nights. do they wear thick night clothes?
#47 - very clever kid! who knows he'll prove you that one of these days :)
#49 - Taiwan's economy too is depreciating. Forex rate is of course going down along with it, huhuhu.
#50-100 - i look forward to might as well expect another comment list from me, lol.
kudos to you!


Been trying to comment for the past few days, and finally got into the system!
Thank you so much for being my friend in the blog world! I enjoy your blog a lot, I get a lot of insight about your present life in your adopted home and your former life in your true home. :)
Keep blogging, my friend!


i thought it was a cool idea till i saw that you were still up at 4am haha..


Congratulations for putting up a 100th post. Blogging has made us more introspective and thankful for the blessings we have in our lives. We do not blog about these to gloat but to share. Blogging has also made us meet friends, interesting friends we wouldn't have probably meet if not through this medium. I am glad I met you! :)

May you be blessed always.


Ciao Jane,

Thanks for itemizing your says for me. Means you're really reading it hahahah...Got me scared for the next 50 hehehe.

Ciao Megamom,

How kind of you to say those words. It'll keep me blogging reading 'em!

Big Thanks!

Ahihi Analyse,

Tumpak! Same here, saw the time and it wasn't cool anymore.

Maybe I can think better if everyone is asleep hehehe...

Ciao Teacher Julie,

Likewise, I'm glad I met you and all these bloggers... So thankful too with the "power of blog"!

Someone said, its ----- talking about me, me and me. Well, I think its better than gossiping about other peoples' lives or belittling others for their mischiefs.

Bill Bilig

Nakakatuwa yung sa #47, (let's sing so we'll be rich). Cool kid ano. Maybe I should take some voice lessons para meron akong chance hehe.

Looking forward to the 50th to 100th list :-)


Thanks Bill, I have all the next 50in mind but it seems they can't come out as words for now(anu raw?, antok lang ata to)


ciao KK,

i missed your comment. sanay na ko kaya andun yung courage(lol)that's why i'm sure my hair will not end up like poor britney's,


a very wonderful sorry i have not visited for too long na..wheew. thanks sa link and God bless po.


Ciao jhie,

You're welcome ading and God bless you too!


thank you, lovelyn. sige intayin ko yung reply mo about na sa filipino stores here in Padova. God Bless!

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