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There are times you thought you have so many things to write about. And because you have a lot, you can't write any. Its good my 50 t0 100th Random Talks as a continuation to this 100 RANDOM TALKS FOR MY 100TH POST is still up. My eldest son's 6th birthday will do it for me.

51. Boogie and I would like Lukie's 6th birthday to be for "the kids" and we thought of celebrating it at Spizzico(Pizza Parlor also hosting children's party) or at a Video Arcade.

52. Our son didn't like the idea saying he prefers it here at home.

53. He said he wants his party here because those suggested places are quite far. "I want it to be with all our friends", he added.

54. I thought I was saved from the cooking!

55. Trying to persuade him subtly and bribing him at times, still the answer is no.

56. Before this party planning, I tried to explain to my son that maybe it would be better if we celebrate his birthday just the four of us. We'll just dine out at a restaurant of his pick.

57. I told him, we spent a lot for Christmas and we are saving money for our a holiday in the Philippines.

58. He answered, " Ahhh Si(yes) Mama, e' vero (you're right)"!

59. Oh, my son understood!

60. Everyday, he looks at our calendar and tells me I have to write on the space of January 21 - LUKIE'S BIRTHDAY AT SCHOOL and LUKIE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY AT HOME on the 22nd day.

61. Huh, I thought he understood! Am I saved from cooking or no?

62. When kids can read and know how to see the time and the calendar, you have to "upgrade your parenting skills". Special days will never be missed "intentionally".

63. Those days of planning where to, what to do or even "will we do" gave me the realization that it's my son's day, not mine.

64. What I want is not what will make my son happy - ITS WHAT HE WANTS that is.

65. Then he keeps on writing what's the menu and picturing 'nostri amici'(our friends) singing after we eat. There it goes, we are having people the Sunday before the 21st.

66. Every time we have this kind of spending, it makes me guilty of taking out that amount. But, how can you explain to a 6 year old child that he won't be having a birthday party because there are a lot of people who are hungry, or sick people who are in dire need of money?

67. I can but I can't make him suppress his disappointment of making his BIRTH DAY stand out among all the other DAYS.

68. Kids are kids anyway, so let them be.

69. 4 days before the celebration, Lukie got sick of Influenza.

70. I called his doctor and told him his fever won't go down even if I give him Tachipirina(paracetamol) religiously.

71. Doctor Moretti told me to give him Nureflex. Its an Ibuprofen and in 30 minutes, fever was contained. Friday morning, Boogie took our son to the Dr.'s clinic.

72. The night before, which was Thursday, I went to bed early and Boogie stayed on the computer.

73. When he followed after and was pulling the quilt, I thought I heard him say we won 2 numbers of 'superstars' from the lottery.

74. That's 10 euros only so I didn't bother. He told me again the next morning and I answered, "Its not easy to win two numbers with 'superstar' out of 90 numbers. Why 10 euros only?"

75. He also said the 33 million was won by just one person.

76. We usually hear that lots of Pinoys in Venice win large amount from 'lotto'. Lucky them. That's because they don't miss a single draw and that's 3 times a week. They also bet much or they buy more tickets.

77. I'm not against betting but to depend your future on it and spending a big sum of money for the hopes to win is just not me. I believe that if you hit the luck, a single ticket of 50 euro CENTS would be enough.

76. That's why I never win!

77. Then Boogs went to claim his small price from the 'gazettino'(newspaper store) with Lukie after their visit from the doctor.

78. The man in the store ran Boog's ticket on the the machine and said you WON "108 euros".

80. What my husband heard was the "8" euros only so he gave the old man a puzzled look.

81. Boogie thinking the old man will cheat him with 2 euros - He gave the old man crooked eyebrows.

82. It made the man ran the ticket again and said, "Scusa, hai vinto 110.00 euros"(Sorry, you won 110.oo euros).

83. "'Ayy wen gayam a'! ", my husband thought and went home with a wide a grin on his face.

84. Then he gave me the 100 bill and I told him, "See I told you so! Impossible nga dyes laeng no nagrigat ti mangabak"(its not possible to get ten only when its hard to win).

85. That's the ANITOS' gift for Lukie's birthday!

86. Had we pushed through with the pizza parlor plan or the video arcade, the prenotation was done a month ago.

87. We have to pay an amount for the reservation fee.

88. If the party will be cancelled, that money will be theirs.

89. For sure, we won't go on with it because Lukie just got sick.

90. See when you give in with what your son wants on his day!

91. I pumped the balloons on Saturday night so that all will be set for the next day.

92. Boogs had to work for the night and he'll be busy with the barbecue tomorrow. "I'll do the balloons for him.", thinking loud I am.

93. I pumped 25 pcs and burst 5.

94. Left 8 pieces for Boogs to do tomorrow because I was tired and sleepy.

95. Ohh my, POOOK!--POOOK!---POOOK! SHOUTED(hahaha) THE BALLOONS EVERY 30 MINUTES while we were on bed!

96. Why oh why? Sayang!

97. My husband came in the morning and told me "Andami mo namang ginawang balloon" as he looks at the 5 PCS LEFT.

98. He pumped the remaining pieces and told me, "Grabe naman kasi e, sinubrahan mong pinalaki, panong di puputok yan?"

99. Ahihihi!

100. Done. Lukie is six yeas old now! Mama, Papa and Dylan love him soooo much!



Happy 6th b-day to Lukie!!!, glad he's doing better... hmmnn,sarap naman ng handa nyu!!! a rate of 7 for the cake though,he he... am sure it tastes so delicious than it looks!yum, yum! You made me miss so much my baking,i used to bake my kids' cake also but since we moved here i haven't baked any yet.i'm still "collecting" my equipment especially that the voltage here is 110... i guess i had to try my luck on the lottery also so i can buy all the things i like in a jiffy.LOL... regards


Ciao Insan Dyanis,

Grazie a! Yeah, Nabenta naman yung cake and my husband have not tasted it even. Naubusan. Actually the lemon sponge and mocha sponge was baked by our friend, ate Neneth, ako na lang yung icing. I did all the cooking alone so I asked her to do the baking for me.

Hugs and kisses to your little Canadians from auntie out here!!!


happy birthday Lukie! May God shower you with more blessings and may you continue to grow as a good boy with your great parents' guidance!
great job on the "cooking all by yourself" lovelyn! you must be very tired! at least you made it with 5 balloons :)
hope lukie's 100% out from influenza already.
God bless your family!


how sweet naman of you manang.i agree let kids be kids...God bless you from the PI;-)


True sis,"lets kids be kids".They will be kids once, so let us give them the enjoyment of being a kid,later on they will not even wants our hugs infront of people.
Belated Happy Birthday again kaanakan,your cousin Roldan enjoyed your party!


loved reading thru your birthday boy story :D it is not easy ano, kasi minsan we have prepared for something and yet the health of the kids must always come first. well, at least you got to celebrate. happy birthday to lukie :D and wow, you won in lotto, the biggest price i won was for 7.50 euro, hahaha

Bill Bilig

Hey, this is probably your most enjoyable post. I was smiling reading it and wondering what will happen. Kids know best nga yata ano hehe. Glad that he's okay now.

Lotto or any kind of game of chance is also not my thing. Every time I go to the mall, I'm really amazed at the very long lines of people who are waiting to buy their lotto tickets.

Good for you that you won though. Meron dapat balato :-)


Ciao Jane!

Thank God he is ok now. He went to school last Monday just for his birthday and we kept him home the rest of this week.

Thanks manen kabsat.

Ciao Jhie!

Ganyan talaga pag kina career ang pagiging nanay hehehe! Grazie muwan agi'!

Ciao Matsay,

Yeah sister, Kids be kids and them growing up fast...I don't even wanna think about it.

Now we know enya. Nanay na talaga tayo aning?

Ciao Raggold,

Grazie! Oo nga, all is set but with our baby's ages, you're never certain till that very day comes. I remember your baby being sick the last time.

Hahaha 7.50 euros, at least, pantaya ulit!

Ciao Bill!


Anong balato, abunado pa nga sa ginastos nung birthday e - hehehe|

Oo nga haba pila sa tayahan ng lotto dyan sa atin, no?


i loved reading thru that list. hehe, i was thinking about playing the euromillions last night too, but declined thinking that 73 millions euros would certainly change my life and i might lose all my family and friends, lol.. di pa ko nananalo nyan ha hahaha..

happy bday to lukie!


Ciao Analyse,

Oh, that's what I keep on telling myself about lottery. My life might drastically change if I win hehehe... Besides, I am very much comfortable with my family and friends now, with or with out winning the lottery.(hehehe, tapos deep with in gusto rin palang maging milyonaryo).

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