Wednesday, 2 January 2008


Growing up in a very big family where every corner of our home gives you that needed, asked or no choice company may be chaotic sometimes. But, I can never imagine myself not living in one. That place where there's always small kids your "heed" is glued to as they do their stunts and live up to "being the apple of your eyes". That home where those jumbled socks may stay in the hamper before months of locating it's pair and those closets that seem never arranged even if you just did minutes ago.

During special days like welcoming the new year, makes me nostalgic of my chilhood days. I phoned back home in the Philippines, where 2008 came six hours earlier, and they were preparing for their outing to Asin. Asin for Baguio folks would be swimming escapades in the hot springs or swimming pools of Tuba Benguet. Nothing has changed, its somewhat a tradition that on New Years Day they have to wash away the 'libag'(dirt) of the passed year(lol).

For us here, we were glad that our friend Joel and Lorna's family joined us in welcoming 2008. Their three big babies Feona, Gelo and Lans, who're growing so fast cheered my boys with their jumpy, loud and fun presence. How it makes Lukie laugh seeing them bully each other. It would have been more fun if my nephew Roldan and her sister Noemi were with us. They can't because they might catch Dylan's Scarlet Fever.

Its really different when there are children filling the house with their noise and mess, they make it homier (aside from the excuse of a cluttered household hahaha). Christmas, New Year's Day or any occasion at that, they give you the reason to celebrate, to decorate and to be childlike - like them.

Above are some photos I took while carrying Dylan. He doesn't want to go down. Maybe a bit scared or he was feeling cold being out that late. But, he was so elated while watching his brother and his friends so hyped up with the fire works.



wow, i have never heard of Asin. mukhang maganda dun ha. you know what, i am inviting you to write about Asin at PMN:travel, what do you think? let's promote pinas :D happy new year!


the kids looked like they really enjoyed the fireworks.good thing you were able to stand the cold outside.glad to see dylan amazed and excited despite the fever (btw, hope he is very well now)
i agree with you lovelyn, it's really different (nice that is) to have kids around during any gathering. they add up to the fun and they can bring out the youth in us :) happy new year once again to you and your family. more power and godbless!


Great account of the New Year, lovelyn! Am glad everyone seems to have enjoyed.

KK aka Tina

Hi Lovelyn,

Happy New Year! Asin! I miss the hot springs. I saw some pictures of a resort over there. Do you remember over nighters there? It's the best, sleeping on tables.


Ciao Raggold,

It used to be just one swimming pool and the river below makes that place famous. Now, if I'm not mistaken it has 4 resorts already.

Ciao Jane,

It was really cold but everyone had a blast. Dylan's Ok now, thank you.

Thanks Megamom!

Just watching my eldest shouting, "Happy New Year!", on the top of his voice while he jumps was so much fun.

Ciao Tina,

Hehehe, sleeping on tables sounds interesting, wish I tried that too.
The hot spring, me and my sister almost drowned sa may river.

There are also cottages na raw dun, saw it from a cousin's photo. The last time I went there, it only had the old one and that of the Bosa-ing's.

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