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I've been meaning to try and start a tag but I can't come up with an idea for it. The long awaited concept set in when my husband's Italian co-worker had downloaded the movie, Ratatouille, from the net and he didn't know it was in English till he tried to play it on his DVD. Naturally, he gave it to my husband and how the family enjoyed it. We've watched it maybe more than ten times and now we lent it to a friend to give the CD a rest from our player.

"Anyone Can Cook!" is what I can only tell you about the movie because I want those who haven't watched
Ratatouille to know why we loved it.

Rules Of This Tag:

1. Link back the person who tagged you and write what was the movie his/her family enjoyed watching recently.

2. Now your turn to tell about the movie your family had just watched.

3. Tell something about the movie and spoilers are accepted (hehehee).

4. Lastly, write anything that has something to do with movies: Trivia, your top choice or favorites and why, your family's story about your favorite motion pictures, the first film you watched with your husband, any traditional film the family 's been keeping etc...etc...

5. (Ooopps, I almost forgot) Copy and paste the rules of this meme on your blog and pass the tag to as many friends, bloggers and movie lovers you want. Don't forget to tell them they're tagged and leave a comment here if you're done with the task.

I'm sure most of us read from somewhere the saying that goes, " The family that prays together, stays together". I strongly agree! This too is true, "The family that watches a film together, stays together."

My little family on our recently watched movie
Ratatouille just had breakfast and it was on a Sunday. It was Papa's day off so it means its a lazy day. We all snuggled down on our sofa with our small blanket covering us all. Mama, Papa, Lukie and Dylan who is undecided whether to be cuddled by Mama or play down with the toys that are scattered all over the floor. After the film, we played it all over again while I started to cook for lunch.

To end up this entry, as I was doing this tag, I've realized that there is a need in maintaining "a balance" in everything we do. We work, we mother around, we blog, we play with our kids, we teach team and all. A time should also be set aside for being lazy, go couch there on the sofa, relax and watch a film with all the people you love. Sometimes this simple pleasure is truly a BLESSINGS. Not all of us have the time to do this kind of luxury.

Ohhh, being couched there all day of the week for the entire 12 months is a different if not a horrible story by the way!

I am now passing the tag to the following:
Noeda's , Tina, Jane , Hannah, Miss Bugias , Layad , Salome , Jhie , GANDANG IGOROTA, Analyse , Geri, MegaMom, Raggold and Teacher Julie .



hei manang, don't watch movie w/ mah family dad a pero da nontan pay laeng.wheew.will do this later na lang po.hehe.mabalin?thanks po.


Hi Manang, I have a similar problem with Djin kc mga single pa hehehe.. Also, I'm not with my family right now and when I went home for vacation, we didn't watch movies.

Hmmm... Can I instead write about the recent movies I watched alone? Or the last one I watched with friends? =) Sowy for making it complicated hehehe...


Ciao Djin and Layad,

Hehehe, mga singles gayam numan. I knew you were but added you still.

Ok, ok, sa inyong dalawa, a movie or kahit TV series you had fun watching na lang. If I remember it right, either of you borrowed Ganda's Prison Break.


uy, lovelyn, i need to pass on this tag. but am taking note coz this is fun. we havent watched any movie together... i havent seen the inside of a moviehouse since 2001 and the kids only watch cartoons. if we sit together in front of the tv it is only to watch the news.... hohum, boring ba, hahaha


Ciao Raggold,

Hay naku, tama ka, boring nga hahaha. Iboblog ni Reyna yan pag malalaman nya(lol).

Seriously, For me, what ever makes the family sit together to loosen them up and give everyone that relaxing effect is what a quality time is all about. Watching the news together is not boring at all, importantante e sama-sama kayung nanonood.

Jane 101

hi lovelyn, thanks for the tag! nice of you to have been able to come up with such :) hhmmnnn, family hasn't watched a movie together completely as of yet.only me and hubby, jade's impatient.or maybe we just don't have any right movie for her...
anyway, i was planning to write about two movies we watched recently, maybe I can use them in this tag. but please give me more time. btw, i'll be on holidays starting this weekend so i may only be able to get back on your meme late Feb :)


Ciao Jane,

Lucky you! Acop and hubby's place must be happy to see you. I can't wait for the pix when you get back.

Don't worry about doing this tag, it can wait. Glad you and Dennis do watch movies together. I love it when after the film we talk about how good or crappy the film is. Its a recreation we love doing since we've known each other. I remember seeing you at Session Theater when hubby and I were still dating.

reyna elena

kainggit ang family pics dun sa baba! hahaha!! ang saya nyu andami nyo pala sa italy!

do your kids speak english too? siguro ganda pakinggan nila mag italyano. best friend ko is from Torino, kaklase ko sa Temple Univ as in ang guapooooo!!!

swerte mo! daming muganda't gwapo sa lugar mo! hahaha


Ciao Reynz,

Padami ng padami kami dito. Di pa nga naimbitahan lahat e.

We made it a rule to my eldest that if he is at home, he has to speak English which we often break. Ngayun nga e minsan di ko na maintindihan kasi ang lalim na Itayano nya.

Sa Torino pala, maganda raw dun. Oisst matutuwa sila sa sinabi mo sa huli--ifefeel nila yun hahaha!


This looks like a fun meme, Lovelyn. We love movies and we have a collection of these in DVD. We don't regularly watch in the cinema since it could be expensive.

I will line this up. I have a lot of catching up with regards to doing memes :)

Best Regards!

Jane 101

lovelyn, i'm making my final round of blog hopping (2am now) coz i couldn't sleep earlier. as i told hannah, pictures are out of question, you know me fun of clicking here and there, lol.


sis,don't know if I can make this blog.It's so simple but with Noemi and Roldan,hohoho.I mean pala if only with Roldan,i think we can finish one film but with Noemi,ah,,ah.
sis,Danica's with me right now,,hehehe,,,i fefeel namin a!


hi lovelyn, just did the tag.


Ciao Teacher Julie,

Us too, we don't go to the cinema. The last time we did was when I was pregnant with my eldest.

Looking forward for your post on this tag. Can't wait to know your family's collection. Thanks in advance!

Ciao Jane,

I don't know but I feel excited for you with this vacation back home. Lolos and Lolas will be very happy to see how Jade have grown.

Ciao Matsay,

Its not necessisarily a recent film. How about when you watched The Cars when you only had Roldan. Ah basta, you can do this hehehe..

Ciao Analyse,

Grazie for being the first one to do this tag. Just got there and you made me dig my eldest's Dora films. Its about time my second child watches them too to give the Teletubbies a rest.


Did the tag, Lovelyn!
Thanks for this tag. Now I will work on your next one. :)

KK aka Tina

thanks for the tag Lovelyn. I will do your tag as soon as I can.


Lovelyn, I know, this is very very late. But better late than never, so they say.

here is my movie tag:

Movie Tag

Pasensiya na po :)

Hope you have a great Easter Sunday there.


Thanks Julie. No worries, as I've said, it was meant for the Holy Week.

Have happy Easter too!

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