Saturday, 26 January 2008


Dylan cried when he saw Lukie with his birthday crown from school.

From my previous post: LUKIE IS SIX YEARS OLD NOW , I've mentioned that my son asked me to write on the calendar - "Lukie's birthday at school", beside the 21st of January. For his passed birthdays, we've been ordering his cakes for school from the nearest pastry and coffee shop (Top Town) here in Cavallino-Treporti. 40 to 60 euros depending on the size is what you get to spend for the said cake.

At school, you can bring pastries that you had baked but they prefer it with out the mushy and sticky icing. It will be messy for the kids and a teacher once told me that most of the students will not have a piece if there's an icing anyway. Kinda don't agree with their second reason though. For my son, sometimes he only eats the the toppings I put.

My cousin Dhez from Canada gave me an idea on what to bring for school when her daughter Kate had her 4th birthday. Cupcakes! Who wouldn't love'em?

When I sent my husband to go and buy our son's bus ticket, he dropped by the grocery and he bought Mr. Day cupcakes for his sweet tooth craving. The pack has 6 pieces in it and is on sale for 1.35 euros only. I went back to buy seven packs more. I also bought a basket for 2.95 euros for my container. I already have sprinkles and Smarties at home for the toppings. I was really happy cause I only spent 12.40 euros for my son's birthday treat at school.

I can't help to add this last paragraph when I was aiming for a shorter post. Ale, my son's bestfriend was very sick. Her mom told my husband, when he met her on his way to bring the goodies at school, that Ale insisted to go to school just for Lukie's birthday. Ahhh, isn't that sweet?



cupcakes or muffins are the most popular birthday treats here, too. but you know, i have never baked them for my kids coz they requested either spaghetti or the german version of tortellini kasi daw bored na sila with cakes and muffins, hahaha.


Belated Happy Birthday to your child. :) Mukhang masarap nga ung mga handa!


Ciao Rggold,

Here, not much with the cupcakes. Mostly its crostata. That's why the cupcakes were something new.

So you mean you brought spaghetti and tortellini to school for your daughter's birthday? Aba, nakalibre sila ng lunch heheheh....


Ciao Ganda,

Thanks for the greeting. Hehehe, I hope masarap nga, at least naubos naman(hehehe yun pala, no choice saka gutom lang sila)


sis,is Luke's treat only in there classroom?
The picture of Mng.Dhez cupcakes looks really yummy!!!


Happy Birthday to your son! The cupcakes look good. What's in them? I haven't made cupcakes in a while although I did buy some new muffin pans to bake with. Maybe I'll make some choco ones like the ones in the picture with your niece. :)


Ciao Matsay,

Wen garud, Kate's goodies are looking yummy.

I don't think so. Lukie said all the kids from the three class did. roldan ate one kano.

Ciao Megamom,

It has choco tidbits in 'em aside from the regular muffin stuffs. I want to try baking some, carrot muffins sounds good.


Ehehehehe... Solb na nga ang birthday treat, nakamura pa! Good thinking ang Mommy =)

Belated happy bday kay Luke! He looked really happy.


Ciao Layad,

ahihihi, kuripot gayam ni mader na!

Thanks for the visit ading.


uy lovelyn, you are right. most of the kids had two servings ha. kaya lang sempre ayun, ang dungis nila, hahaha. huy, what is crostata, can you share the recipe?


Ciao Raggold,

here's a link to a crostata di nutella recipe8copy and paste mo na lang, di kaya ng powers kung deretso and link hehehe)

Ay ang haba hahaha! Google mo na rin crostata di fruta. I'm sure you know what it is. Tart pala in English ang costata.

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