Wednesday, 16 January 2008


Its been quite a while since the last time CSL CartoonStock humored my "bent". Thanks to a disclaimer's benefit, he too shall be favored a bit of our time.

I can't understand why some people hate you for no reason. They often leave you wondering why that anger in them wants to crash your soul. Ignoring their egoism and insults makes it even worst.

Ahhh, whatever suits them! Maybe that's their solace, let them have it. At the end of the day, they'll keep that burden - the clog of bitterness!


Bill Bilig

LOL at the cartoon. It must be really weird to have someone hate you for no reason. Haven't experienced that yet but I'm sure it will be quite a challenge dealing with that hater.


The monkey business cartoon in the link is really funny. hahaha.
Being hated for no reason - let them be!

Win $250

there's definitely a reson to everything. it may not just be obvious to someone though.


Ciao Bill,

Its good to have you back!

NAhh, its just someone who's nature is to pick fights. But, I know he is good, just living up with his image being bad.

Hehehe Jane, if you only know the story behind that monkey!

Ciao Win $250,

Yeah, you're right! I agree. I think not giving someone attention when he is craving for it is one good reason.

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