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Its an old video and I just saw it 2 weeks ago. Showed it to my husband and I was glad he did what I did. Let's see if you'll have the same reaction like us. Mind telling us after you've watched it?



O that girl sings really great...i wonder how she learned to control those vocal cords at her age...it seems the mother is more excited than the daughter( i would feel the same if i were in her place, LOL)...Reminds me of Bert MArcelo and Pilita Corales' BAgong Kampeon Bulilit shown every Sundays on Philippine TV 2 decades ago ... lots of Talented Kids in the Philippines too.... thankd for sharing!


she is very talented girl,It reminds me of me when i was at her same age,hahaha,lol.
It made my (how would you translate,"mangipa takder ti dotdot")


Ciao Insan,

We used to watch that Bagong Kampeon too. OMGosh, 2 decades na nga pala yun nu hahaha! Yeah, we lots from the Phil and really power voices so to speak.

Been browsing more of her videos and her parents said she also sings on her sleep. True, on one of Simon's comment he said that she has a gift in making everyone listen to the lyrics of the song. She could make the audience go silent.

Ciao Sis,

Ok, ok, reminds you of you hahaha!!!

Goosebumps indeed! I cried when I first watched it and its the first time I appreciated the lyrics of the song. Been hearing it before but sounds like any other ordinary song till I heard Connie sang it.

The more she made me believe: "Dreams do come true"! Hay naku, the mushy dramatic me. Over aning?


my initial reaction?? well that little stereotype that british people have really bad teeth is true, hehe joke. Shes cute, maybe another britney spears in the making. Go charise pempengco!!!


It's too bad that other "Brit guy" was in the contest, she would really had won otherwise.

Believed the latest artist who popularized "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was Norah Jones. Norah was my wife's client last year along with Michelle Kwan but she didn't even know it was them. Well, she never cared to know who her clients are. Most powerful client maybe was Madeleine Albright, Slick Willy Clinton's Secretary of State. The more she didn't know her. Cheers to you and goodhealth.


Ciao Russel,

LOL, I knew you'll say that! That would mean no more dial up. Or you somewhere in sweat smelling shops with delinquent teenyboppers? hahaha jowk....

Go Charice! Do what I turned down hehehe!!!

Ciao Trublue,

Impressive! Typical iboondocks don't you think? Best part is TruPink's not paying much attention on who these people are. If I were Bill, I'll add her in my Igorot achievers. Madeleine Albright, Wow - TruPink must be really tough! Ahah now I know what tamed TruBlue hehehe....

I love Norah Jones' music. Its relaxing to play her CD while having a quiet time with hub and the kids are all knocked down.

As always, cheers to you too and good health!


Two years ago, a supposedly star in the Philippines came to where my wife works. She asked to be serviced personally thru her personal manager but was denied.
Their reason: "BAKA DAW PAGKAGULOHAN SIYA NG MGA TAO IF SHE CAME DOWN IN PERSON"!! That was so absurd. Tiger Woods is not being mobbed when he is town, yet an unknown will be. This supposed star from PI is Sandra or Sara Geronimo. True story. Thought I inject that incident here, ooopps maybe I'm off topic, but maybe not coz, Somewhere over the rainbow, I send my cheers to you and family.

reyna elena

ay naku lovelyn! maloka loka ako batang yan! hahaha!! pati dun ki paul potts! pero merong babae dyan na ang ganda ganda nang boses!

lovelyn, me voters ID ka na ba? VOTE KA NA! hahaha!!


A friend linked this video to me. Yep, she didn't win but she did impress Simon Cowell. She sings so innocently...

Si Lukie ba at si Dylan hindi marunong bumirit? =)


Ciao Trublue,

Hahaha really, baka pagkaguluhan daw...we don't know her too. Magoogle nga later(lol).

Ciao Reynz,

You scared me for a bit there. Kala ko nagtampo ka na kasi di kami nagparamdam nung interview mo hahaha. Maluka-luka ako nung ala reply yung comment ko.

Okey, okey vote ako mayang gabi!

Ciao Layad,

Si Lukie, pag nasa mood bibirit yan at nasa tono. But if sinumpong, di mo mapipilit humawak ng mike.

Si Dylan naman, galeng MANG-AGAW ng mike tapos sigaw ng sigaw. Then iiyak pag kukunin mo na sa kanya.


a very touching rendition, even simon cowell could not deny. i think naiiyak din siya, pinipigilan lang, hee-hee...


Ciao Megamom,

yeah, touching is the right word. anu fi, pa-effect pa sya when he is obviously mesmerized. oh well pa effect nga.


lovelyn, we watched this video with jade on Friday night and I couldn't stop my tears too. grabe, this child is amazing.our daughter looked at us from time to time, showing us she's also impressed.after the 1st video, she tried to sing some notes, ahihihi. we searched for more videos and found she had an album. good for her.it was also surprising to hear a voice like that from a child who didn't go through any voice lessons (accdng. to her mom). she'll find her piece over the rainbow...
on a side note re: trublue's "news", sarah geronimo is one of the young popstars i admire, read some negative write-ups about her but left her the benefit of the doubt - hmmnn, hearing one from trublue somehow makes me believe she has a black side, lol. anyhow, i still admire her voice. PS - she made a telenovela out from Sharon's Bituing walang ningning. :)


Ciao Jane,

Kala ko kami lang ang iyakin, glad to hear that!hahaha...Pati tupay ni lakay hehehe...Did you watch the one who won the contest? Very touching din yung story nung contestant.


In fairness to Ms Geronimo and her many fans such as Page 101, we hope what her Personal Manager conveyed to the staffers were not the singer's.

Am looking forward to the day this little girl exceeds expectations and replace the great but monotonous Charlotte Church....
Cheers to all!


Ciao Trublue,

Yeah maybe its the staffers for Jane's sake hahaha joke kadi Jane.

Hehehe, you don't like Charlotte Church...I like her but between Connie and her, I'll choose the little one.

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