Saturday, 2 May 2009


I honestly forgot it was Palm Sunday. I've only known it was when my sister told me over the phone. Me and the boys were out in the lawn all day, like most of our Sundays when its warm and sunny. Out there playing basketball, football, riding our bikes or just chill and lie down on the grass.

I'd like to say I am but I think I'm not. And yes, my patience were put to test many times. What do I do? Normally, I'd cry. Worst is when I'd scream, making my sulking much preferable.

Of course I have my sane moments, deep breathing do help and my ever dependable "mind over matter" too (Yes, luring that brain to draw out patience and give you that "control" as well as self-control over any given situation).

This question makes me guilty. Sometimes, my tolerance and restraint are extended to other people more than I do with my love ones. I hope to make amends on this.

I wouldn't exchange it for any other neighborhood. I love it specially when our summer neighbors are not around. You see, our little village is a vacation spot. Most of the houses here are second homes for our Italian adjoints. They only come here for the pool and the beach for May, June July and half of August. Other than that, its all cool! Its like we're not away from Baguio because its so much like Camp John Hay (with the pine trees, children's park, sport facilities etc...).

I would love to show you around. Next time, I will, when our old PC will be fixed. I am using my kids' computer now and uploading photos is quite impossible.



No longer a regular churchgoer so those religious routines is not automatic.

Impatient only if you're standing in line for any reason, and person in front is just plain stupid.

My neighborhood has HOA (Home Owners Association) and every morning I look thru the window, it looks like it's deserted. HOA enforces it's rules so parties have time limit at night.
As far as neighbors, you hardly see, know and talk to them.


Caio TruBlue,

I should have included that too. We're becoming less church goers lately. Geezz and I was like not aware of it. Bad.

Ahihihi, beware stups' stay behind TB, not infront lolz.

They also have HOA here and their common goal is to minimize 'stranieri' like us. They would greet you, "Boun giorno"(good day) and ciao 10 times a day but would always complain to the administration every single thing they don't like which has no sense most of the time. Think of them complaining about your clothes being dried on it's proper place with in your property compared to them sun bathing almost naked or top less infront their houses. Oh well, we just let them, as we always say, "problema na nila yun".


Thanks for the answers.

European nations are supposed to be RC but i think the number of those who are active is dwindling. but then again, even f these church traditions are not observed, for me, ok ang, di naman ako RC, hehehe.

I like to think of myself as a patient person when i am with my students but other than than, i'm not.

Hay, i can go there with my family where you live in a jiffy :D

Thanks, and I hope everything is alright :)

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's day in advance.

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