Saturday, 23 May 2009


Everytime I jog, the idea of writing about it comes to mind. Specially this one winter, Sunday, when I insisted to run though it was drizzling. When I got to the beach, it started to snow. Haven't seen what blizzard is, but for me, I had experienced it that day. Wind was strong with heavy snow smacking my face and preventing my eyes to open. To it's worst, I can't locate where I am, everything was white and my track suit, wet with sweat, was freezing me to death. Then my sored muscles were slowing me to move. I got home in one piece but had the worst flu ever...

So, you see, after almost 4 months of grappling on sticking with "the work out", guess its time to type 'em down. Might also help to keep these running shoes do their jobs. Inpiration, so to speak, to keep the graph in it's descending trend(ano yun, statistics hehehe?).

8 A.M is too hot now for my runs, haven't gone far yet and I'm already sweating profusely. The sun is too high and yeah, its obviously summer! Beach goers too are starting their day that early, towels and umbrellas are all spread. My solitude is gone, I can't dance, jump and stretch like crazy while The Script is playing on my Ipod.

Today, on the third wave breaker before I turn the curb, sprint on the side walk and head home, the heat was too much to bare. I stripped off and hit the water. I swam and swam like I've never been in water for years. Passers by would see my running shoes and clothes, then they try to look around who owns these stuff with out a towel.

When I got home soaking wet, with out my leggings just my top(with my undies of course), my sister Ica opened the door. She came last night to spend her day off with us. With her puzzled and worried look, she said, "Huh, sipay nangyarin sig-am?"(what happened to you). She seriously thought I fell into a canal or something hahaha... Then the husband who just came from his night shift work teased me with, "Buti hindi ka hinuli!"....

Okay, that's that. Ciao for now folks... till our next run!


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