Friday, 8 May 2009


The opening statement was suppose to be, "This is not to flaunt how many messages my inbox accumulates". Then the alter ego said, "Why not?". She's right, why not, if you're to talk about friendship or something good that truly exist in this virtual world.

A month had passed since the April 6, 2009 earthquake that claimed more than 300 lives and left thousands of homeless in L'Aquila Italy (PHOTOS HERE: The L'Aquila earthquake - The Big Picture - I have known about the tragic catastrophe when I opened my email that day. It was Jansel's (an old friend from high school) message I opened first and he asked if we're affected by it. Then there's Izma writing on my Facebook wall among others.

Hours, days and weeks, my inbox was swamped with well wishers and worried families, friends and acquaintances that left me overwhelmed. Even those people whom you thought would care less sent a line or two. There were also those friends whom you greet on every occassion, but fail to reply, and here they are, during moments of disaster, hoping you're spared from any danger. Strangers too, whom you've only met in your blog, forums and social networking left comments on your pages.

Then I posted a "bulletin" on my Friendster profile telling we're all fine and asked prayers for the the victims of the said calamity. Among the many notes sent, here's what my former teacher in English, Ma'am Marilyn, wrote on the comment section: " I heard the news this morning on my car radio about the earthquake there, so the first thing I did when I got home was to log on to send you this note. Just then, I read your bulletin which made me feel a lot better. Anyhow, good to know that you're all ok. Take care, my dear. God bless."

No better words to conclude this post than "THANK YOU". To every one who had thought and prayed for us, the warmth was felt! Your friendship will be forever cherished.



It's quite tragic that centuries old place like that is now in ruins.

Hope the people will recover from such disaster. Cheers to you and the family.

Los Angeles was hit with 4.7 recently, some thought it was the big one but wasn't. Well, wonder where I'll be when that BIG ONE hits.


Though they say Venice is worry free from earthquake, I'm still scared for us. They don't use steel bars here just like in any other parts of Italy. Notice those collapsed buildings in La'Aquila, no bars protruding.

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