Saturday, 30 May 2009


He always takes the front row of the bus and she takes the second one. Those two seats are facing the opposite so they're always back to back with each other. Seated next to them are their friends, either girl or boy at times. Then as the bus moves, he and she would turn their backs, so they they would be face to face.

Her hair is always in pony tail and one time he tried to touch a fallen tendril. She blushed while she tucked it in in her ear. He always staires at her specially when she's not looking. Same with her, she steals glances too during those rides. They knew and can see the sparkle everytime their eyes meet, they often held those moments with both their heart beating fast.

She gets out of the bus first and would always give him a sweet smile before she gets out. And when the door closes, she would stand there and wave at him. Then him looking at her from the window, would nod his head and then looks away. But when she turns her back and starts to walk, he would look at her till the bus would lose her in sight.

These is what I see everytime I go home from Lido. Two teenagers who're obviously in "puppy love" with each other. The girl first got my attention because she's very pretty with out any make up on and wearing jeans topped with a simple t-shirt . Unlike most girly youngsters here, glittery colors change their faces with fancy hairstyles and faddy looks in their Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Fendi get-ups.

The boy too wouldn't be missed because he looks so much like a dear friend in college. He really looks so much like him.

What's special about these two youngsters is that, they obviously like each other but they seem like stopping it. Again, very different from other teenagers here who are bold in showing intimacy in public, which for me is unsuited not only for their age but the descency to behave properly and cosiderately. Besides, the bus is an awkward place for a bedroom, me thinks...

I always take the mid part of the bus and I watch them with my sun glasses on (hehehe). I find their sweet glances cute. Reminds me when I was young. Those high school years when going to school would be very much anticipated because I would be seeing my crush. Those fast heartbeats and uneasy but blissful feeling when you're next to him. Huhahhh, memories.... memories!

Made me wonder, why was it called "Puppy Love"? Why not "kitten" specially for cat lovers? Hahaha... Someone give me the best answer and your addy(I'll edit and off your address before I publish your comment). A great surprise awaits. Seriously....




puppies usually make pouty, love me look. Imagine a bloodhound with its long ears and those big dog eyes staring at you.

Maybe thats how people look. Oh yea dont forget the drooling. Cats are cynical. They have snooty personalities


Aaawwww... that's so sweet, "love me look"... YOu know, you may be "portraying" a role of an anti social but me thinks you're a 'softie' person. That's why we click hehehe...

Kumusta na pala?

Since only you who was brave enough to tell me about Puppy Love, you won(lols). Price, Goodtaste eat all you can. I'll tell you when soon.


oh yea goodtaste!!Need to try something different in there. Always ordering the buttered chicken. Everythings ok. I dont like NY. I miss fried calamares

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