Wednesday, 27 May 2009


This image from zazzle created
by malibuitalian, wish it was true for me. But hey, I'm catching up! I hanged the summer curtains yesterday and my boys' wardrobe are ready for this season. And... and my plants, I mean, I'm done with the yearly flowers coloring the sorroundings of our home. Its Purple Ice Plant (mixed with red and yellow variety) this year, its really cute and I hope it'll thrive so I can show it to you.

Can't blog as much as I'd love to, our old PC is still waiting to be "saved". Can't just leave it at it's "crippled stage"(lol) , too many files and pictures to be retrieved.

In desperation, I have to "make do" with web images over my obsessive-compulsive picture uploading. Its that worse, I'm making it sound like a disease hahaha...



Sure it's one good way to do other things. My pc has been acting up the last three weeks, it turns off by itself especially when I'm tuning in to a video.

I lost an article I wrote as a rejoinder to Northern Philippines Times, it was a long one - just disappeared when I was about to click "post" or "send". The good thing was, didn't exactly remember what I was ranting about, hehe....

I have a laptop but never got used to writing short or long articles as I would prefer the desk type.



Tried that, clicking "Post" then it disappeared. MAka pa bad trip.

Didn't know you're a contributor to Northern Philippine Times. Might have the reason now to frequent the site.


Maybe RD can convince NPT that the proper way to address this newspaper is: Northern Philippines Times (Philippines with an S not Philippine).

Just like this local Lions Club I've been invited to a few times (if not for wife and good Baguio friends, will not attend this event), a huge welcome sign reads "Philippine/American Lions Club". After the show, I told the Director of the Program, our neighbor unfortunately; that the sign should read "Filipino/American Lions Club". It evoked laughter as one of the Baguio folks said "bored ni TruBlue isunga tila makitkita na".
That's quite right, I observe people and even signs too, hehe......

The layout of the NPT is much of a welcome to my eyes, not so much clutter like unnecessary pics or facade such as the BMC or NORDIS, no offense. Anyway, cheers to you and the Italians too....

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