Friday, 24 April 2009


I wrote the next paragraph last night, when I was trying to set the mood of writing again after weeks of avoiding so. Oh, I did it before I slept infront of the computer and luckily did not stiff my neck like the last time this PC rocked me to sleep.

Seems caffeine works for me the opposite of it's desired effect. I just chugged a mug of coffee and my eyes are dropping. If I'll close 'em now, instantly, I would be in my deepest sleep. Not much of a coffee drinker, I had four cups since yesterday, only because, we run out of tea. That's tea with milk, just like the Queen of England preffers it (lol). That was Malta's influence, I mean the tea. One of the things that will remind us of our stay there.

Been almost two weeks now since since my last post. Sorry to start it with "caffeine"...... (*knocked down*).



Milk in tea?? Was it good?

Love coffee in the morn and night, not sure what to do without it, guess will settle for that milk and tea, hehe....Cheers!


Ciao TruBlue,

Its really good but it has to be a very strong tea or else it would taste like water.

Grew up with Benguet coffee, our home in Tublay is known for it. People drop by for free 'kape'.

Once, we ordered tea in Malta and they asked us, "With milk or lemon?". I said we'll take it plain and the waiter looked disgusted. Our boss trying to middle in the moment of awkwardness said, "You might want to try it with milk, you'll love it." We still had it with nothing. They just concluded that - that's how Filipinos take their tea hahaha....

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