Friday, 17 April 2009


Saw this video on the forum I usually frequent. I fell on the same spot and if I remember it right, Olive, my sister's friend did too. Wright Park will always be a special place to me. Its where I found my first love - Red Hawk, the horse I ride bareback hahaha... And yes, its also where I met my other love, the father of my kids and my Rascal who once said 12 years ago that he is not my prince in shining armour but my dragon slayer(agasem that).

Speaking of anniversaries, we had our 12th year last April 21. We thought its our 13th but we checked out the first card he gave and its only the 12th. I always believed that its a must to mark the day when two different personalities unite. Sometimes it could be exhausting to find that point to agree as well as that grace to disagree everyday. Living with someone who doesn't always syncronize with your thinking, having of course a mind of his own, requires a great deal of patience and loads of understanding. A year added will always be a miracle and a labor of love.



Those pony boys surely can ride. They seem to be smaller and skinnier than the ones in the 60's and 70's. Knew most the pony boys then as they're from Mines View and Baguio Gold Mines.

I'd rather ride a donkey though. It's a lot safer, wink, wink!


Ahihihi, "smaller and skinnier"... My Dad will agree with you on that. They once had a 'ramble' with 'em old pony boys and dad said most of them are huge.Was reminded of this little pony boy named Hapon. I think I'll write about him later tonight.

Donkey? I'm thinking right now if I'd seen one. Not sure I did.


Congratulations insan...April wedding kayo met lang gayam.MOre anniversaries to come!


Ciao Insan,

Grazie! Pati baw adi gayam si Janice.


i was suppose to write here before but forgot to come back.Have you seen scot(spelling?)at the other video?Just went to watch the video and saw another one with him being interviewed:D


Ciao MAtsay,

Deng, our phone is not functioning yet and I ain't got load.

Other videos aside from these posted here? Would want to see it, link me sis.

Hi Lovelyn,

Yes....Wright Park, frequented by local and foreign tourists to ride those beautiful horses. One feature of how much visited our Igorot land is.

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