Saturday, 11 April 2009


I'd like to think we know well the importance of "family". They're our primary support, as I replied on Ma'am Paula's comment on my prior post. With out one, what and who else is there?

True, friends will be around. Computer, TV, cars, beautiful places etc... will also be there to "somehow" help. Therapist too or other people you pay to hear you out. But a son or daughter, a father or a mother and a sister or brother would always be different. They'll give you that higher sense of security, an instinctive belonging that you're a part of something concrete. The confidence too, that no matter how crappy you are, they'll be there to understand and accept you.

The recent painful incident that shook me to the core, my employer giving up on life because he thought he lost his family and everything(READ:I SHOULD HAVE...) . Killing himself just like that! All of these will make me NOT WANT MORE and embrace what and who I have. Celebrate too on who I really am and what I have become.

The husband who rubs your feet... the energetic kids who drain you but just for a kiss and a hug you're up happy washing their butt... your father who waits for your call... your sisters who tell the latest gossip... your mother in law who anticipates your blog... your sister in law who inspires you because she works hard for that dream to come and visit her nephews... and your father in law who made sure he framed your photo so as to be included to his treasures hanged on the wall... After all, its them - your family - defines you. What greater achievement as well as investment would be better than that?



Family is everything, your life evolves around them.

My only worry of course, is how our kids treat us during the time when senility hovers over. If there is a thing I don't want them do to me and wife is, raising their voices. Then again, how would I know if we are already senile, hehe.....Cheers!


Ciao TrBlue,

I related your senile comment over dinner and my sisters had a laugh.

The depression got worst when the son shouted at his father. An argument that made them stopped talking to each other ever since.

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