Saturday, 30 May 2009


Super cool! Marco who is in Madrid linked me this. Where was I when wakeboarding was made possible in Venice? lol... no idea!


He always takes the front row of the bus and she takes the second one. Those two seats are facing the opposite so they're always back to back with each other. Seated next to them are their friends, either girl or boy at times. Then as the bus moves, he and she would turn their backs, so they they would be face to face.

Her hair is always in pony tail and one time he tried to touch a fallen tendril. She blushed while she tucked it in in her ear. He always staires at her specially when she's not looking. Same with her, she steals glances too during those rides. They knew and can see the sparkle everytime their eyes meet, they often held those moments with both their heart beating fast.

She gets out of the bus first and would always give him a sweet smile before she gets out. And when the door closes, she would stand there and wave at him. Then him looking at her from the window, would nod his head and then looks away. But when she turns her back and starts to walk, he would look at her till the bus would lose her in sight.

These is what I see everytime I go home from Lido. Two teenagers who're obviously in "puppy love" with each other. The girl first got my attention because she's very pretty with out any make up on and wearing jeans topped with a simple t-shirt . Unlike most girly youngsters here, glittery colors change their faces with fancy hairstyles and faddy looks in their Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Fendi get-ups.

The boy too wouldn't be missed because he looks so much like a dear friend in college. He really looks so much like him.

What's special about these two youngsters is that, they obviously like each other but they seem like stopping it. Again, very different from other teenagers here who are bold in showing intimacy in public, which for me is unsuited not only for their age but the descency to behave properly and cosiderately. Besides, the bus is an awkward place for a bedroom, me thinks...

I always take the mid part of the bus and I watch them with my sun glasses on (hehehe). I find their sweet glances cute. Reminds me when I was young. Those high school years when going to school would be very much anticipated because I would be seeing my crush. Those fast heartbeats and uneasy but blissful feeling when you're next to him. Huhahhh, memories.... memories!

Made me wonder, why was it called "Puppy Love"? Why not "kitten" specially for cat lovers? Hahaha... Someone give me the best answer and your addy(I'll edit and off your address before I publish your comment). A great surprise awaits. Seriously....


Friday, 29 May 2009


My husband perhaps wanted to pass the "scare" he had last Monday. With his most serious face, he told me that Pa (my father in law) is in Nigeria. He was robbed including his passport and needs help.

Tired and hungry from work, I was startled for a second but I saw "this look" I knew when my husband is not telling the truth or is playing tricks on me. Then he related what really happened. Pa's e-mail was hacked and the culprit is sending a scam letter asking money from all Pa's contacts.

It was kind of Ate Lea, a forumer of Baguio City Online, who wrote us to bring the letter to my father in laws attention. I replied that its a FRAUD and asked her a favor to extend the correction to his friends, groups and sites she's affiliated to.

Here's Lolo Mondax'(how Lukie knew and calls his grandpa) article about this recent inconvenience.

Dacawi: Identity theft (My e-mail was hacked)!

I'M IN Baguio, a mountain city here in the Cordillera, Philippines.
Baguio is where I was born, raised, went to school, and work as a provincial newsman.
I've never been to Nigeria. I did not and never e-mailed anybody to ask for a loan of $1,400.
A hacker e-mailed for me, apparently without my knowledge and consent.

He, she, or a syndicate of spam and scam artists wrote those in my mail list - friends, co-workers and people I've corresponded through the Internet. He, she, they opened their poison letter, entitled "An emergency please," thus:

"Am in great sorrow writing you this note, Just wanted to inform you about something very important, I could bearly think straight at this point, I hope you come to my aid because something very terrible is happening to me now, I need a favor from you now, I had a trip here in Nigeria (sic)."

My grammar is sometimes fractured, but I know the difference between a comma (,) and a period (.). And when to use these symbols of pause. I can spell "barely" and, despite the emergence of new words, will think twice before using "bearly." It doesn't exist in my vocabulary and office dictionary.

The hacker(s) went on to say that "all my money got stolen on my way to the hotel where I lodged along with my bag were my passport was And since then I have been without any money I am even owing the hotel here."

What was stolen - by the hacker(s) - was my e-mail password. They used it to access my directory then sent the embarrassing advisory "to lend me about 1400DOLLAS so I can make arrangements and return back I am full of panic now (sic)...".

Pilar Manno-Marzan, my younger sister in California's Bay Area, called while I was aboard a jeepney for home from work late Monday afternoon. She told me of the spurious note she received. Soon, my son Johann also called just after he downloaded the same.

Soon, I was in the neighborhood Internet shop, only to find I couldn't open my e-mail. I'm not computer or Internet literate to do something about this block.

So I texted fellow newsman March Fianza, asking him to immediately e-mail and warn our mutual friends against falling for the hackers' note.

March did, and told me he was once a victim of the scam note with the same content.

Officemates Julie Fianza and Aileen Refuerzo printed out a copy of the "letter" from their own e-boxes yesterday morning. The only factual part of the note was the end of the last sentence: "I will be waiting to hear from you since I can't access the internet always (without any period)"

When Pilar called her husband Conrad in the wee hours, he readily told her the plea was all scam and spam and said he was going back to sleep.

Embarrassed as I am, I hope he and other friends and acquaintances out there can help me warn others of the hacker's handiwork.

Not knowing who received the scheming beggar's note, it would be awkward for me to e-mail all the people I've corresponded with in line with environmental and professional work. Perhaps Joel Aliping, Art Bulayo, Nick and Bob Aliping, Jorge Pawid, Julian Chees, and others can forward this hastily composed piece should they read it.

I have asked Sunstar Baguio Daily editor Sam Bautista and Jerry Mayona of to use it ahead of my Sunday column. Still, I can't reach out to all, given the sneaky suspicion that some columns are read only by those who write them and one or two friends.

The hacker(s) must have accessed my password through my reply to a recurrent e-mail advisory for me to update my info, lest my account would be erased. I had the stupidity of finally answering.

Now, here I am, trying to explain.

I've never been to Nigeria, for the travel costs would be hazardous to my wallet. The African country reminds me of a Nigerian I met on a train years back in Europe. Quite friendly, the fellow traveler showed me pictures of his village and his car.

I apologized for knowing nothing substantial about his country, except having come across a copy of "Things Fall Apart," the critically acclaimed novel of respected Nigerian author Chinua Achebe.

Now I'm "No longer At Ease" (to borrow the title of another Achebe book). My jitters are temporary. I know people can easily see through the sting attempt.

I apologize to whoever received the hacker's note in my name. And to whoever sends genuine mail to the hacked mailbox I now can't access.

"Don't worry; we who received that spam know it for what it is," my friend Edmund Bugnosen said when he dropped by yesterday.

I'll open a new e-mail address soon, even as I try to figure out how I can renew my contacts.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


This image from zazzle created
by malibuitalian, wish it was true for me. But hey, I'm catching up! I hanged the summer curtains yesterday and my boys' wardrobe are ready for this season. And... and my plants, I mean, I'm done with the yearly flowers coloring the sorroundings of our home. Its Purple Ice Plant (mixed with red and yellow variety) this year, its really cute and I hope it'll thrive so I can show it to you.

Can't blog as much as I'd love to, our old PC is still waiting to be "saved". Can't just leave it at it's "crippled stage"(lol) , too many files and pictures to be retrieved.

In desperation, I have to "make do" with web images over my obsessive-compulsive picture uploading. Its that worse, I'm making it sound like a disease hahaha...

Saturday, 23 May 2009


Myspace Comments @


Everytime I jog, the idea of writing about it comes to mind. Specially this one winter, Sunday, when I insisted to run though it was drizzling. When I got to the beach, it started to snow. Haven't seen what blizzard is, but for me, I had experienced it that day. Wind was strong with heavy snow smacking my face and preventing my eyes to open. To it's worst, I can't locate where I am, everything was white and my track suit, wet with sweat, was freezing me to death. Then my sored muscles were slowing me to move. I got home in one piece but had the worst flu ever...

So, you see, after almost 4 months of grappling on sticking with "the work out", guess its time to type 'em down. Might also help to keep these running shoes do their jobs. Inpiration, so to speak, to keep the graph in it's descending trend(ano yun, statistics hehehe?).

8 A.M is too hot now for my runs, haven't gone far yet and I'm already sweating profusely. The sun is too high and yeah, its obviously summer! Beach goers too are starting their day that early, towels and umbrellas are all spread. My solitude is gone, I can't dance, jump and stretch like crazy while The Script is playing on my Ipod.

Today, on the third wave breaker before I turn the curb, sprint on the side walk and head home, the heat was too much to bare. I stripped off and hit the water. I swam and swam like I've never been in water for years. Passers by would see my running shoes and clothes, then they try to look around who owns these stuff with out a towel.

When I got home soaking wet, with out my leggings just my top(with my undies of course), my sister Ica opened the door. She came last night to spend her day off with us. With her puzzled and worried look, she said, "Huh, sipay nangyarin sig-am?"(what happened to you). She seriously thought I fell into a canal or something hahaha... Then the husband who just came from his night shift work teased me with, "Buti hindi ka hinuli!"....

Okay, that's that. Ciao for now folks... till our next run!

Friday, 8 May 2009


The opening statement was suppose to be, "This is not to flaunt how many messages my inbox accumulates". Then the alter ego said, "Why not?". She's right, why not, if you're to talk about friendship or something good that truly exist in this virtual world.

A month had passed since the April 6, 2009 earthquake that claimed more than 300 lives and left thousands of homeless in L'Aquila Italy (PHOTOS HERE: The L'Aquila earthquake - The Big Picture - I have known about the tragic catastrophe when I opened my email that day. It was Jansel's (an old friend from high school) message I opened first and he asked if we're affected by it. Then there's Izma writing on my Facebook wall among others.

Hours, days and weeks, my inbox was swamped with well wishers and worried families, friends and acquaintances that left me overwhelmed. Even those people whom you thought would care less sent a line or two. There were also those friends whom you greet on every occassion, but fail to reply, and here they are, during moments of disaster, hoping you're spared from any danger. Strangers too, whom you've only met in your blog, forums and social networking left comments on your pages.

Then I posted a "bulletin" on my Friendster profile telling we're all fine and asked prayers for the the victims of the said calamity. Among the many notes sent, here's what my former teacher in English, Ma'am Marilyn, wrote on the comment section: " I heard the news this morning on my car radio about the earthquake there, so the first thing I did when I got home was to log on to send you this note. Just then, I read your bulletin which made me feel a lot better. Anyhow, good to know that you're all ok. Take care, my dear. God bless."

No better words to conclude this post than "THANK YOU". To every one who had thought and prayed for us, the warmth was felt! Your friendship will be forever cherished.

Saturday, 2 May 2009


I was to send a reply to my employer's text when I asked Lukie to check my Italian grammar. I gave my 7 year old son the cell phone and...

(reading my message) 'Non cosi' (not like this).

Okay, do it then.

(deleting every word I punched) Mama, did you not go to school?



Here's a video that made me laugh and cry this week.


I honestly forgot it was Palm Sunday. I've only known it was when my sister told me over the phone. Me and the boys were out in the lawn all day, like most of our Sundays when its warm and sunny. Out there playing basketball, football, riding our bikes or just chill and lie down on the grass.

I'd like to say I am but I think I'm not. And yes, my patience were put to test many times. What do I do? Normally, I'd cry. Worst is when I'd scream, making my sulking much preferable.

Of course I have my sane moments, deep breathing do help and my ever dependable "mind over matter" too (Yes, luring that brain to draw out patience and give you that "control" as well as self-control over any given situation).

This question makes me guilty. Sometimes, my tolerance and restraint are extended to other people more than I do with my love ones. I hope to make amends on this.

I wouldn't exchange it for any other neighborhood. I love it specially when our summer neighbors are not around. You see, our little village is a vacation spot. Most of the houses here are second homes for our Italian adjoints. They only come here for the pool and the beach for May, June July and half of August. Other than that, its all cool! Its like we're not away from Baguio because its so much like Camp John Hay (with the pine trees, children's park, sport facilities etc...).

I would love to show you around. Next time, I will, when our old PC will be fixed. I am using my kids' computer now and uploading photos is quite impossible.

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