Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Sometimes(if not most of the time) we fail to notice people that could really inspire us, so many of them are out there. For the people of my hometown, Ambassador Tublay Benguet, Dexter is the peddler they buy their 'puto' (rice cakes), 'kutchinta'(another rice delicacy), fish or 'pinapaitan's' (type of stew) ingredients.

Before everyone starts their day, Dexter would ride the jeep from Baguio City with his heavy two containers full of stuff to sell. He'll stop by at Km 21 or 22 then walks back the road carrying his goods until it's all disposed. He usually gets to our place, km 18, half full and almost empty during lucky days.

Then at late afternoon, he's back walking the Halsema Road with 'balut'(boiled egg with nearly developed embryo) and 'chicharon'(deep fried pork skin).

It is the laughter Dexter will crack out from you that will win you in buying. I had a taste of it when we had our December vacation in the Philippines. He saw my camera and said my sisters Ica and Jehan(who are also here in Italy) will finally see how he looks after years of missing his 'chicharon' and 'kutchinta'(another rice delicacy). Then he striked me a pose (please see photo above) and blurted, "Oh baka magkalat yan sa Internet. Ok lang, pang artista naman"(That might be all over the net. Its ok, I look like a celebrity anyway).

There are so many Dexters we can not "see". No Brad Pitt kind of life but with an extra ordinary tenacious grip on holding it out there. Salamat sa mga taong katulad nyo'(Thanks to people like you). Indeed, he is a celebrity! Cheers to him and his "deserving moment" to be on the Internet!



hhmmm.. did I met him before?


Ciao Yoshikuzu!

I'm not sure. Haan kon tupay nga naabutan idi. Let's ask Danica.


Well-said, Lovelyn. We do tend to celebrate the rich and famous too much sometimes.

Over here in Florida, we receive a number of indigents during the winter. They are scattered throughout the city sidewalks holding up signs for food, money, work... Unlike Dexter, these people are beggars; but like Dexter, they are also easily dismissed and perceived as inconsequential.

My point is not that begging should be celebrated, but that the beggars' humanity should not be forgotten.

There is a story behind each beggar, peddler, etc. on the streets and when we take time look and listen, we will always find something to celebrate each one of them.

I'm probably a bit off-topic, but great post, Lov. Very thought-provoking. :)


Not at all(OT) Hannah, you just amplified well what I was trying us to see about all the Dexters around. Thanks...

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