Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Allow me to rant and be out of my self, just this time. I'm fully aware that it should not be written here and its wrong for me to 'yakatak'. Heck, there is no need to explain but I'm doing it anyway. Say, I'm drugged. Indeed I am! I just had my second dose of Ibuprofen today(lol).

I've got nothing against those who post their pictures or videos on their facebook account - how they went to help the victims of typhoon Pepeng. How they distribute donations or relief goods to evacuees. In fact, I do encourage it for "transparency" reasons specially if these donations were in-trusted to them.

Like our former forum mate Byd Bawayan who had been updating us for the small help we shared. We saw through facebook how he and his co volunteers work hard to sort and bring goods to evacuation sites. He asked me twice for the 2 times we sent him, "Manang, anya ngay ti isurat ko nga nagan?(what name will I write). For transparency reason gamin". I emailed him back and said, "Anonymous lattan ading".

Thanks to Marco, the 24 year old son of my late employer, he gave me 150 euros minus the 8 euro surcharge. He was suppose to spare 300 but said he paid a bunch of bills. He told me to give his money to those who need it in the Philippines. This was after watching the video I sent him showing the victims of the said typhoon.

I collected from my three sisters, Ica, Jhe and Matsay here to add the small euros from my part time job and Marco's money, so we could send some to Byd and some would be for the evacuees and those who lost their houses in our own hometown Tublay.

I phoned up my Dad and told him to use the amount we will send to buy blankets or food for our affected town-mates. But Dad advised us that they better distribute it in cash as our place is lucky because relief goods are coming in abundance.

After My family back home gave a thousand pesos each to those who lost their houses, 500 and 300 to some who still have their house but had to evacuate for safety purposes, I emailed Marco how the money was given. I included that we gave 8,000 pesos to Byd and his organization. I added that the receivers were probably more than happy to get the small amount rather than rice and sardines or noodles which by the way made Marco laugh.

Here is what is wrong with this post. I should have not written we donated this and that because if you give, its a "real or true help" if you be silent with it. I'm always a believer to this not until one of my city cousin who keeps on phoning up my Dad asking him about the compensation of his piece of land that some portion was washed out by the typhoon.

My city cousin said that the government will pay or had paid for it and with a threatening tone said he will inform. Dad told him to go to the Barangay Office and ask about any compensation and you know what he said? "Where is the the Barangay Office?", when its near our church and the school that bare his and our grandfather's name. Hayyy!!!! Apo aya ti city kids!

Again, I don't need to explain(but again, I'm doing it anyway) that the small amount my Dad and my sisters had been distributing was from Italy and not from "ghostly" stolen compensation for damaged private land. GEEEZZ WIZZ!!! Do I need to upload pictures at facebook the faces of Ica, Jhe, Matsy and Marco? Sisters, give me your photos but wait, you should be handing me those 'soldi'(money) first lols....




i have to read this again later. Sounds like a good rant but i didnt't understand anything. hope everything is well in tublay. kinda late but yea.


They're fine at home. Hope yours too, . lol, that's the point, you don't have to understand it.

OT: Gosshh, naawa ako sa blog namin nung nanominate bestfriend mo... I'm beginning to think Big Jim was right, you know, that boring thing hahaha....


nah listen that guy is just narcisistic. self centered, egotistical blah blah blah ya know i got nothing against you guys. lol

like i said. big font. photos. short and to the point.

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