Thursday, 4 June 2009


Three were women among the sixteen joggers I counted during one of my morning runs. One of them was a young lady, probably 18 years old, and she looks perfect with her short shorts and tank top. So, thirteen were men and most of them are in their 40's. Does that mean then that men are more into fitness, jogging in particular, than women?

Got curious and asked for mighty "google's" help and it led me to this site: Are Women Runners Different from Men?

Then going over almost every article this blog published, of which later made me think, that my "time" consumed in reading about jogging would have been of much help if I used it in running hehehe...

Then I've reached this one entry: Women of Steel: Iron Needs and I was glad I sat there and had read it. Check it out and see what I meant by I love meat, chicken the most. I don't mind pork specially if its dried adobo and the beef's tastier taste too (which probably why it costs a lot than any other meat).


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