Saturday, 14 August 2010


Okay, we're not paid for this but we're so indulged in it as of the moment. The book itself, audio book and now the miniseries. My husband read The Pillars Of The Earth first and I would be the next but the TV series started and spoiled my suppose to be reading. Boogs downloaded the Audio version so I'm now in chapter 3 while we wait for the 5th of the 8th episodes to watch.

Let me first finish the audio before I tell you more about it. All I can say for now is, I can tolerate Dylan's crying for wanting to take the iPod for the games. I have not given in yet and kept the iPod for myself hehehe... which is a miracle really because this little boy rules the house.



Oh, my goodness! Thanks for posting this! I have had the audio book for Pillars of the Earth and its sequel, World Without End, for a while now and haven't had the courage to listen to both looong books. :D But the clips from the miniseries certainly peaks my interest. (I love anything middle ages.) It sounds like Pillars is somewhat inspired by the Gormenghast Trilogy (by Mervyn Peak) in which the Gormenghast castle is sort of the central character.


By the way, check out Jocelyn's new blog: Mumsy.

Not sure if you know her. She's my best friend and belongs to my and Noed's class at SJHS.


Ciao Hannah!

Have you started with the audio book? Gosh its really long, you better watch the miniseries hehehe... Didn't know it has a sequel till you mentioned it.

Thanks for the linking me to "Mumsy's" site... I can't recall the face but for sure I've seen her before.


I've loaded it in my mp3 player, but haven't started listening to it yet. lol I'm listening to a Terry Partchet novel now. :D


Hi, Lov!

You know, I'm not sure if my comment earlier went through or not, so here I am again. :D

I'm gonna start listening to the book today. I have yet to check out the miniseries. It's exciting that Donald Sutherland plays a part there. I've been wondering where he's been!


The first one got through Hannah, its just that my account is going crazy since I change some settings round here. Sometimes I can't log-in and it is asking me to check on my entered email addy. It has something to do with my 2 valid emails, I guess...

One of the best and finest actor, Donald Sutherland is... Hehehe, if I would be an entertainer(in my dreams), I'd preffer his likes. Not a very celebrated one, no hero all the time but even the smallest part he plays, it is remarkable and well portrayed. Imagine maintaining your place in the business for 50 years, and there is no need for (good/bad)publicity to keep it that way...

Hope you'll like The Pillars... its better kadi to listen or read it frist before you watch the miniseries...

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