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What graduation memories do you hold dear in your heart and why?

College and High School were memorable but I would say my Elementary graduation stands out. My favorite cousin Manang Marlene, became my photographer. Some of my aunts and uncles from my mother side came all along from Itogon just to attend my graduation. Looking back at it, it was just elementary but for them, its like I finished a degree (miss 'em now).

Would you believe there was a dance that night at home? May sayawan ba naman hahaha... That, I didn't have during HS and College graduation. My Auntie Mary, my Dad, Manong Nelio and Sunday were the singers/musicians ahihihi... memories. Funny thing, I was so young that time and I had a crush on Sunday. He was maybe 10 years older than me and I was imagining he'd ask me to dance nyahahaha..... he never did (that includes weddings and other dances my town had hhhmmfff).

So now I ask, “What is your favorite ice cream flavor or ice cream concoction?

I love the Ube and corn flavor back home in the Philippines. Mocha too. Any
brand, Magnolia, Selecta or Presto. Wonder if they still have Presto and Selecta.

For Italian 'icy' ( or icies(?) as how New Yorkers call it according to Russel), I like pistachio, nociola and yogurt. There's this flavor me and my husband love, sold only by Sole Mare (a restaurant in our neighborhood). I forgot what's it really called because we named it "strawberry ding dang do" and it doesn't even taste strawberry at all. Arghh, I'm drooling for it and its only 6 A.M. here, its raining too, heavily (wait, what did that last statement has to do with ice cream?)



Abababa, me pasayaw pa ha :D That must have been fun. Did you use those palm fronds as walls for the dance hall? That is how it used to be done in our province :D

Wala na yata Presto ice cream, cookies na lang.Yes,Selecta s still here and its going strong.There is also Arce Dairy which used to be Selecta. There Nestle ad Magnolia is back. Plus other foreign and expensive brands.

Gelatto is currently a hit right now (tama ba spelling ko).

Thanks for the answer. By the way, mommy bloggers will be having dinner with Raq this Tuesday :D

Have a blessed Holy Week!


Selecta is probably the tastiest ice cream they make now. Magnolia taste watered down.

If your in Baguio and have a hard time looking for your flavor try U-ned by Peoples Park. They seem to have everything.

Milo icycles are good.


My mentor was here for two months and just went back to Baguio. I asked him about the Magnolia IceCream next to the Session Theatre and told me it's not there anymore, but he told me Selecta is now dominant. He's an Icecream freak like me, loves it there.

My HS grad was done at the old auditorium next to the skating rink. Finally graduated after six long years, let's not discuss that,'s the black and white picture that stood out. Wish it was in color so the everlasting around my neck showed that glitter to it. Bellbottoms are a thing of the past, so I hope no more everlastings also. Cheers!


Ciao Teacher Julie,

Hahaha it was really fun specially now as I look back at it. No we didn't have those walls. Funny thing, the toastmaster would always say, "sala lang awan gulo".

Oh no more Presto, mura kasi yun noon, I love their mocha.

They have Gelato there too! Ano kayang lasa?

Enjoy your mommy dinner and regards to mother Kengkay.

Ciao Rubba,

Is that the old store or its new? Oo nga, maalalako, bili dun in cones tapos upo sa Plaza(tawag namin noon) enjoying your ice cream.

Ice Buko specially during Canao is also yummy. I love the yellow one. Not even sure what flavor it is. Recognized by colors and not with flavors hahaha...

Ciao TruBlue,

We're far from the earthquake. Its heartbreaking to watch the news. Our thoughts and prayers goes to the people of L'aquila specially to those survivors who're still waiting to be rescued.

Hahaha... not sure also if they still have everlasting garlands. A HS graduate before are better than colledge grads now, include my batch. Mas nalalaing da idi. Why do you think is this so? Does it have something to do with the teachers or what?

I know you're into "ideal foods". Ice cream for an exemption makes us "human" hahaha...

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