Thursday, 8 November 2007


"I hate you!", shouted Lukie to his little brother yesterday. It was my first time to hear him say HATE.

When Dylan started to crawl 3 months ago, he goes to his brother and grabs or mess up whatever Lukie is playing with. It makes Lukie angry and shouts, "DYLANNNN!" then he would clinch his fist and holds his temper to hit his little brother. Now that Dylan is walking at 11 months old, Lukie lands that fist already. Still sweet cause Lukie does not punch Dylan hard, only a slight smack just for his anger to get to his brother.

While we still find our two boy's early display of sibling rivalry cute and funny, might as well explore and learn more about it. We need to arm ourselves with reading feds that would later help us on how to deal with jealousy and competition between our two boys.

I was able to find this helpful and easy to understand site about Sibling Rivalry.

Growing up in a big family, we too have our shares of antagonism or hostility between our brothers and sisters which manifests itself in circumstances such as in the common children's family fights. Sibling rivalry is one of humanity's oldest problems. Though its a normal behavior, I quote KidsHealth to say it all: "Remember, as kids cope with disputes, they also learn important skills that will serve them for life — like how to value another person's perspective, how to compromise and negotiate, and how to control aggressive impulses".
With this, series of collected stories by friends and relatives who can relate with the topic will be posted on my next blog. I'm excited and can't wait to share it to you all!


Bill Bilig

Reminds me of my rivalry with my brod when we were kids. One time our mom can't stop us fighting, she got so exasperated and said, sige na magpatayan na kayo. I think the reverse psychology worked because we stopped fighting immediately.

Buti oks na oks na kami ngayon hehe.

Bill Bilig

P.S. pero off topic:

Sali ka sa Starbucks contest ni KK and we will support you :-)


Ciao Bill,

That really works, heard it too from my mom and we "postponed" the fight(lol). They say boys are worst but growing up with and fighting with all girls, my dad always says, "grabe kayo! nasursurok kayo nu lalaki"

It would be nice to join but 'narigat ay bukudan di gawis(gawes?)'...Igoy manin isu hehehe, next time na lang.


whenever we had our fights at home, my mom would always talk to us (bagbagaan dakami). These experiences taught me how to deal with the differences of other people around me in a more civil way. Well, outside my family of course because until now, I'm not good at diplomatic approaches when it comes to my brother and sister.


When we used to fight when we were kids, Papa would give us boxing gloves. He says here: you fight! He used to be a boxer- undefeated record :) . But of course by the time the gloves are on, the tempers are gone.

Ag-join ka met tin Lovelyn. Katuwaan lang naman. Ada pay pang cape.


My kids were boy and girl, so there was not much for them to grumble about, girl stuffs for her and boy toys for him when they were little. Besides, almost four years separate them. They get along real well now that they're older. During their college days though, we have to rent separate apartments for them. We parents only hope they have a good life ahead of them. Hope your kids will grow up as such and every kids for that matter. Cheers to all.


Ciao Luta,

I'm sure your parents did well in giving you 'panagbagbaga'.

Me too, I suck in diplomatic approaches when it comes to my brothers and sisters. Maybe even worse!

Keep those comments coming and thank you very much!

Ciao KK,

Hahaha so true, when they give you the chance to give your best shot in acting out that HOSTILITY, the anger had already worn off.

Next nalang Tina, urayek dyay 4 digits nga give away which is not far with the success of what you're earning from PPP ahihihi...


Ciao Trublue,

I'm sure its not only their age gap and gender that stabled the tranquility between your children. Its how you raised them helped the most.

TruNess, that's what we all want for our children - a good life ahead of them.

As always, thanks!

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