Tuesday, 20 November 2007



I still can feel it now how I felt when I get home from school seeing all the Christmas decors my mother just hanged. She used to do it the day we go to school after the All Soul's Day break. I'm always blown away with all these colorful things giving life to the room. There's that aura of everything positive and as a kid, incoming gifts would be the reason to be happy. How about you, do you remember how it feels?
I had put up the Christmas tree 2 days ago, I'm not yet done as we're switching to gold and red. Last year was gold and blue after 2 years of silver and blue. Did I just say those colors like some dumb blond chick(mother hen) in a movie?

Looks corny but I can't keep these star and heart back to the store room. Gifts last year from friends.



I know the feeling sis,the wide eyes and open mouth,sabay,WOOOOOOW!I really miss home!
My husband did the decoration last year and he prefers gold.I'll let him do the decorating again,it makes him happy and proud while showing it to Roldan and this year with Noemi.


Ciao Matsay,

You remember the plastic face of Santa and those candles before? Our Christmas lights were my favorite.

Dylan's reaction on the Christmas tree would be another entry...You should see his face after he does his crime(lol)....


That Santa's Face,our Mama's favorite.I don't know if it's still there.
Hope one day we will go home and celebrate Christmas at home.Here I am again,"manluwa ak mwan".Just like what i did when i've read your blog the other day.
So what did Dylan do?is your Christmas tree still standing?hehe


thanks lovelyn for reminding us that it's time for the christmas decors to be out. i actually meant to do that when the "ber" months started but totally forgot it. i bought some bells and small wreaths ready for hanging and I now have them on the walls. not really fancy but it least there's something to remind us of this season.

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